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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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Hurricane Irene Swell hits Sebastian Inlet Florida on August 26th 2011. Kalani Robb, Gavin Beschen and CJ Kanuha tear it up! 03:30

Sebastian Inlet
United States of America

Dungeons: (My experience) 
A very dangerous spot in a very threatening area. The spot itself sits near a crowd of whining seals just waiting to be devoured by a group of great whites. This is Shark Territory. This spot is known for big waves, sharks, and very cold water. I have to say this is easily more dangerous and deadlier than mavericks will ever be. 

This Spot is almost ALWAYS choppy due to the extreme winds. When it's big and not windy, that's probably the BEST time to go but it's very rare.

Song: Gris by Doug Sparling
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More Epic Footage On The Way. 00:21

South Africa

Like some of the best stories, this one began with a whispered rumor of some far-flung islands...

See More:

Filmed by Tom Jennings and Rip Curl
Edit by Rip Curl

Artist: Conway Hambone
Track: Move Me
Source: Getty Images 04:18

Kalpeni left

Mais um dia de ondas boas na praia da Joaquina no mes de maio. 04:28



photo de surf


photo de surf


photo de surf

Sandy Bay
New Zealand

  Quoi de neuf

  • 19 août 
    [ Photo ] Ship In Bay St Vincent Grenadines. Black sand beach
  • 19 août 
    [ Photo ] Ship In Bay St Vincent Grenadines. Walk out
  • 19 août 
    [ Photo ] Ship In Bay St Vincent Grenadines. Good small day
  • 19 août 
    [ Spot ] Ship In Bay St Vincent Grenadines
  • 16 juil. 
    [ Spot ] Guillotines Australia, NSW, South Coast
  • 16 juil. 
    [ Vidéo ] Baby Plage Switzerland surf baby plage2 23 Juin 2009. surf baby plage2 23 Juin 2009
  • 10 juil. 
    [ Photo ] Navio Brazil, Rio Grande do Sul.
  • 10 juil. 
    [ Photo ] Navio Brazil, Rio Grande do Sul.
  • 10 juil. 
    [ Photo ] Navio Brazil, Rio Grande do Sul. 1976
  • 10 juil. 
    [ Spot ] Navio Brazil, Rio Grande do Sul
  • 10 juil. 
    [ Spot ] DEAD] - Baby Plage Switzerland
  • 10 juil. 
    [ Spot ] Mariner's Cove Cayman
  • 10 juil. 
    [ Spot ] Rockside Induruwa Sri Lanka
  • 10 juil. 
    [ Spot ] Purema Chile, Sur
  • 10 juil. 
    [ Spot ] Duqm Rocks Oman
  • 10 juil. 
    [ Spot ] Santa Cruz - Sunny Cove USA, California, Santa Cruz
  • 10 juil. 
    [ Spot ] Greyhound Rock USA, California, Santa Cruz
  • 10 juil. 
    [ Spot ] Middles Indonesia, Bali
  • 10 juil. 
    [ Spot ] Donghe River Mouth Taiwan
  • 10 juil. 
    [ Spot ] Jinzun Harbour Taiwan
  • 22 mai 
    [ Spot ] hiriketiya Sri Lanka
  • 22 mai 
    [ Spot ] Tambaba Brazil, Paraiba Pernambucco
  • 21 mai 
    [ Spot ] Cannatello Italy, Sicily
  • 21 mai 
    [ Spot ] Clotilde Cangemi Italy, Mainland
  • 21 mai 
    [ Spot ] Umdloti South Africa, East Coast North

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