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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Atlas de spots de surf fait par des surfeurs pour les surfeurs
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 Pico alto

Peru, Lima

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De rob , 02-08-2010

- I stayed in punta hermosa for a while and was surfing playa norte one day on my own when I saw four guys on what looked like longboards it was a very misty day and visibility was maybe 20 metres.o well i thought shit surf for me wont get any waves with 4 longboarders out.It was only when they got closer that i realised that they were all on massive guns.they paddled strait passed me and disapered into the mist.turns out that they were paddling out to pico alto i dont know how they surfed it with such shit visability but they did chargers.and i know it was big having looked at other breaks in the area must have been at least 15 foot although i didnt see it that day

De El Charro , 11-09-2006

Wrong Luzbelito - I don't know what luzbelito is talking about but even my 5 year old niece can ride santos, I've been around and to me (personal opinion) Pico is the baddest,ah, and I'm mexican.

De LuZbelito , 15-03-2006

Santos - Santos is the biggest (of them 3). Pico is prolly the smallest, whcih is not bad considering the other two are mosnters. peruvians will tell you Pico is the biggest thou.

De , 18-01-2006

Bigger - Wich one is bigger?
Punta Lobos(Chile), Pico Alto(Peru) or Todos los Santos(Mexico)??????????????

De anonymous , 07-01-2005

feb. in peru - i'll be down in peru this february and would like to know if there is any swell this time of year. i know it isn't the season, so is it worth it to look for surf. how's the water in the summer. need a full suit?

De Gilberto , 24-12-2004

Buscando Mis Amigos Sergio Ginnochio y Winston - Mi esposa y yo estamos planeando un viaje a Peru (incluyendo Lima) en 2005. Perdi contacto con mis amigos Sergio Ginnochio y Winston. Ambos eran mejores amigos y surfistas de Lima. Los conoci en Bali, Indonesia hace anos. Me encantaria ponerme en contacto con ambos. Si los conocen, favor de avisarme a : Vivo en Los Angeles, California. Muchas gracias.

Quik TRANSLATION: I'm looking for some old friends named Sergio Ginnochio and Winston. Both were close friends and local surfers from Lima. If you know them, please tell them to write to me in Los Angeles, California. I'm going to Peru in 2005. Thanks.

De MONSTER WAVES kamikaze , 11-09-2004

Mark Foo Loved this wave!!! - Comparable to Waimea, Mavericks and Todos...
Also to huge Sunset Beach...
It breaks up to 8 mts (24 feet)...

need a 9'6" "picoaltera" and a big-big sothern swell,, recoomended in May... cold water

De Amadeus Van De Vijvere , 24-07-2004

Pico Alto. Top 5 - On Photo number 17 reads. The best of Latin America. I think it should read: "Among the best ones in the world". For sure it could be among the top 10. If not the top 5. South Americas Makericks...

De Billabong Peru - South americas headquater , 22-06-2004

TODAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - The Pico Alto Inv. was taken over today. Monday june 21st at 8.00 a.m.

De , 20-06-2004

Pico Alto surf Camp is a great buy - I just spent 2 weeks at Pico Alto International Surf Camp and was very impressed by the way Oscar Moronte runs the camp, and how good the waves were. The camp is all inclusive with surf transfers to the local surf spots, lots of good food, and comfortable hotel room with running hot water. The food was the best part of the camp, it was good and when ever i asked for mroe they gae it to me. No one ever left the table hungry, we always had enough food.
The surf is great, make sure to bring a 4/3 wetsuit for the winter there, a 3/2 wetsuit wont do the job, trust me i wore a 3/2 and was cold a lot. Be ready for long paddles and foggy conditions, mbut the best waves of your life, this place is great, the camp is only 35 bucks a night USD, so thats around 200 a week with eveything, a great deal, they even have free internet and a new TV with lots of surf videos.
Punta Rocas was my favorite break, is was an easy drop in with fast lines, wear booties if it gets big, just incase you get washed out on the rocks.
Shout outs to Pulpo ( this guy would die for guest at the camp, he is a very standup guy), Jesus ( a good picture taker of me surfing), Oscar Jr. ( always handled any situation that might arise), and Oscar Sr. for running a great camp, i will definately come back.
only eat what they give you a the camp, you will get sick anywhere else!!!!!!
the locals here are really nice too, always got smiles in the water from the local surfers.

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