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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Atlas de spots de surf fait par des surfeurs pour les surfeurs
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Peru, Central

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De Anonymous , 04-11-2008

Fun wave - So here's my two cents on the wave. It is a very fun absolutely zero consequences set up. The sand bottom point is very user friendly. Having said this it is not the kind of wave I would go to Peru or even the area it is in for. There are a ton of more consistent, steeper and rippable walls both North and South of this very remote beach. There are no locals to speak of as there is no town within 45 mins of the beach. I'd recommend hitting it up if you were going back down to Lima from exploration up North.

De Anonymous , 30-06-2008

Don´t listen to Know NOTHINGS - Don´t listen to these know-nothings like - Dan the man, East Coast Crew, Surf Expedition and Trestles Crew to name but a few. They have no freaking idea what they are talking about. Bermejo is a surfers dream, most days out of the year. Of course you can run into bad luck and not catch Bermejo at its finest, but on an average day it is good enough to satisfy both beginners and advanced surfers. On good days, it is unforgettable. Just make sure you do your homework before you go. Go when there is a south Western swell - 8 months out of the year. If there are sharks, they won´t bite. Too many fish in the water. But not too many surfers. Crowded is when you have more than 5 people there. The place rarely gets anymore than 13.

Stay stoked, and don´t let Know nothings limit you from the SEARCH!

De Anonymous , 12-04-2008

east coast crew... sucks - I never heard about sharks in Bermejo. I never heard about to much crowd in Bermejo and I never heard about fat localism in Bermejo.. but you, east coast crew, sure you're gringos with a bad attitude and sure you have been there thinking that the ocean is your.. but now that I told you that, please don't bomb my country.

De Anonymous , 18-09-2007

East Coast Crew sucks!! - There aren´t sharks. Fuckin idiots!

De Bermejo Visitor , 20-06-2007

Lay off - Bermejo is nothing like the guy says. I surfed it on a trip through Peru recently. We were the only ones there. The wave is a bit fat and slow but I recommend trying around the next headland to the left. Its a scary paddle among the rocks and currents, and an even scarier wave once you get around the far point, but she is hollow as all hell and can sometimes link up around the point for a long ride. I don't think I am exposing a secret here, most people value their boards and skins enough not to bother, and no-one else was there surfing it to tell me it was a secret.

De East Coast Crew , 27-03-2007

Very Bad Wave - Bermejo? Pffffft. What a fake it is not worth it. Some reasons why you shouldn't surf bermejo are because it is way too crowded. There are way too many of those wannabe filthy peruvians, they all get in your way. Also two guys named Lobo and Carlos think they own the place and send anyone that they don't know. If you don't go in they either flatten your tires or break your car window. Bermejo also sucks because it is infested with sharks and it is full of sharp rocks.

The wave also sucks!!!!!!!!!! The pictures are fake.

De el tiburon , 23-02-2007

cerro rojo - There are no sharks in Bermejo, these dudes are trippin balls. The wave is rantastic.

De Dan the Man , 24-01-2007

Bermejo bad.........Miami Beach good - Don't waste your time here. This place makes Miami Beach look incredible. Too many rocks, sharks, and stingrays. Also way too many heavy locals. Be on the lookout for Luigi, Carlos, and Lobo. They will break your car windows if you even try to go out.

De Surf expedition , 24-01-2007

Truly Sucks - Thye worst surf session of my life mate, way too crowded, shark infested, and too bloody cold. You can find some much better waves in Australia and Hawaii.

De Trestles Crew , 17-01-2007

Not worth it. - I had a terrible time at bermejo. It was two crowded,( I counted 87 people) and the waves were terrible. I crashed into one of the many rocks that are in the way and got 23 urchin needles in my face. Not to mention that I had a close encounter with a great white and i got kicked out of the water by bermejo local "Lobo." Definately not worth coming here. This place deserves half a star, not three.

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