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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Atlas de spots de surf fait par des surfeurs pour les surfeurs
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 Rio de Janeiro City


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De Anonymous , 24-10-2008

RJ - Vou em dezembro ai ao Rio e sei que é época baixa de onda, queria saber quais os spot que recebe mais ondulação! Obg

De daphne , 13-01-2008

rio de janeiro - hi, I go for one month to brazil in september I am a beginner so what kind of spots are good for me? and I want to party at night also, is it safe for a girl traveling alone?

De Anonymous , 06-10-2006

Sanca - I've surfed in most of the places in RJ and I definetly agree that São Conrado has the best waves!

De andré , 01-06-2006

Rio de Janeiro - is nice for a party trip and you can also surf.

at night, go to clubs, parties and get mad drunk and catch the girls.

at day, you go to the beach, and surf nice waves, drink some coconut water...

De anonymous , 20-03-2006

body board waves - hey yall just wondering what are the best body boarding waves in rio

De barra local , 23-02-2006

same level ,i dont think so - Maia there is no way any of those breaks you mentioned are even close to the level of the queensland point breaks.Norohna is the closest thing to that level,but its not world class, just a nice beachy similar to a decent day at south straddie,a ten second wave at norohna or any of those places is hardly the same as a freight training, sand sucking, 1km long pit available at the goldy! happy hunting in arpoador (hehehehe)

De anonymous , 20-01-2006

Barrels in Sao Conrado - In the morning, with 1m+ or higher, you can ride the best barrel of your entire life in the left side of Sao Conrado. Nice barrels, but only for locals!

De , 23-10-2005

Sao Conrado is the place! - I am local of Sao Conrado and can say to you... you rarely will see this place here flat! Beyond that, here we can ride incredible tubes in the worst day, that day when you see and don´t even want to surf there...the best place of the beach is the left corner, but you can find excellent waves on the middle or in the right corner of the beach. But here, no haoles!

De nação zumbi , 17-09-2005

wanna surf?? go somewhere else - If you really wanna surf, Rio is not the recommended place to go!!! ULTRA-CROWDED WAVES, Shitty sandy botton, agressive locals. I am saying it because I live here and I am a surfer. In South America there are much better places to go like Peru or Chile.

De , 03-05-2005

Worldwide Surf trip - Aloha. My name is Bruno Costa, I´m a 26 year-old industrial engineer and physical education teacher, long boarder and a big fan of Joel Tudor.
I wanted to move to California, Hawaii or Australia, but first I have this idea of driving south of Rio de Janeiro towards the very south of South America, than coming north (Chile, Peru...) all the way untill California. From there, fly (or find a way to get on a ship) to Hawaii. Afterwards, either travel to Australia or come back to Rio, this time through the Atlantic coast.
Anyone interested in joining me, please email me. Boas ondas!

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