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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Atlas de spots de surf fait par des surfeurs pour les surfeurs
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Brazil, Florianopolis

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De pngp , 21-09-2007

Natal = Xmas - Hello there. Can anyone tell me about at this spot at xmas time? Is summer a good time to surf here at all? Hope someone can help me!

De McFly , 11-08-2007

Summer Surf - Is there any surf here in January? My friends are planning a trip to Florianopolis this January. I want to go, but I'm afraid this might be the worst time of year to visit for surf. Any information would be very helpful.

De Leo , 22-05-2007

joaca rules - I went there today... it was nice, about 8ft, heavy... there were about 20 surfers... didn't have any problem with any of them... you're gonna have trouble with the locals only if you're looking for trouble... if you wanna avoid crowd, just go a little bit further south, the quality of the wave is the same...
Love and peace!

De marces , 19-12-2006

Big mouth, small penis - Cheers mate, u just made it to the "dick of the month"!!!
I mean, i can understand that locals can be pissed off at some gringos, try to get that surf feeling on a 2 weeks trip with a minimal and don t no shit about surfning..

but u guys are even worst!!! Man, u should see the look on your face while surfing, i am wondering since when u have lost the fun for the sport.

But i don t give a shit cause i still love surfing and everytime i am in the water i am free and make my peace with the world.

But yeah, i too would be such a dick if i had a small fuck you and your pussy attitude!!!
Wannabe Sunny Garcia

De Anonymous , 12-12-2006

fuck you guy - fuck you guy! haoles in joaca has broken boards and broken faces like in hawaii or california. Becareful here or we´re gone to kick your ass assho

De Anonymous , 28-11-2006

- Surfing is very competetive at this very high quality break. Everybody surfs here and they all RIP. The waves dont get huge but this place gots the out for the locals

De , 28-10-2006

"NOCOME" Wahh wahh - Follow the philosophy of "one love", and quit your crying. Grow up, do you think you are special when you act tough?

De NOCOMEFLORIPA , 11-09-2006

no come joaca! - Floripa it´s not a good place to visit! take your boards and go back to home! The several agressive (real agressive)local´s at Joaquina will make you fell sure that you´re unwelcome in this place! Don´t look to our ls and don`t come near to joaquina! If you´re haole go to beaches like praia mole, galheta, moçambique and santinho! Joaca it´s for local´s only! PS: Isso serve pra gauchada, paulistas e paranaenses tambem!!! No verão/2007 o coro vai come pro lado de todos voces, vao pra praia mole haolezada

De Scotty , 01-05-2006

meu amor joaquina - Absolutely the most consistent spot to surf and away from the main crowds at Mole and Barra...some attitude at times but never let that put anyone off...this place they say loads of makeable barrels and powerful walls to carve...beautiful surf for the whole month of april 2006..lots of faster and shallower peaks crowd free furthur down the beach...enjoy bros...

De tibonas , 15-09-2005

SAMBA at joaquina dunes.. - Every friday and Sunday,,,just in front of the dunes,,
the real brasilian atmosfere,,check it up!!

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