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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Atlas de spots de surf fait par des surfeurs pour les surfeurs
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 Fort Story Jetty

USA, North East, Virginia

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off atlantic aveanue

English (Traduisez ce texte en Français): off atlantic aveanue

English (Traduisez ce texte en Français): off atlantic aveanue

English (Traduisez ce texte en Français): off atlantic aveanue

DistanceDans la ville

ApprocheAccès direct (< 5 min)

Facile à trouver ?Facile à trouver

Accès public ?Accès public

Accès spécialJe ne sais pas

 Caractéristiques du spot de surf

Qualité du spot

Quality des vaguesNormale

ExperienceTous surfeurs

FréquenceMarche assez souvant


TypeBanc de sable

DirectionDroite et gauche


PuissanceRapide, Ordinaire, Amusante

Longueur normaleNormale (50 à 150m)

Longueur max.Longue (150 à 300 m)

Marées, houle et vent

Direction de la houle

Direction du vent

Taille de la houleCommence à marcher à Moins de 1m / 3ft et tient jusqu'à 2m+ / 6ft+

Condition de maréeToutes marées

Mouvement de maréeMarée montante et descendante

Plus de détails

Fréquentation semaineQuelques surfeurs

Fréquentation week-endQuelques surfeurs



- Courants/Baïnes

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De The real NE local , 07-09-2006

it can get epic here - Im telling you all a valuable secret right now. On the bay side (not the ocean side) of fort story there is an epic point break. It takes a huge hurricane or nor easter swell to break, but when it does its magical. I saw it breaking once last summer right after hurricane Issable came through, but i just didnt realize how sick it was because it is so far away. You have to check it from the bay, i checked it at the resort and conference center. I could see waves peeling down the point all the way on base, but i just dismissed it and went and surfed the bay on the other side of the Lesner Bridge. So after hurricane Ernesto i decided to check the point at fort story again. This time I saw the same thing. I stood and watched for like 5 min until i saw a huge set come in, and watched it grind down the point. I started freaking out and immidietly got 2 of my buddies to come down. We tried to park at the camping area in sea shore, but the told us the beach was closed and we couldnt park there, so we parked on the next closest street (there were a lot of no parking signs but i was to stoaked to care). Now the walk from the street we were at to where the waves are at is about 2 miles and i kid you not there was quicksand or like wet sand that would suck your feet in really quick. When we got the the place where i was seeing waves it was small and shitty, but we decided to keep walking. We walked for about 5-8 more min around the point and we could see it was obviously getting bigger the farter we went. I started to see people out, and then i realized how sick it was. I kid you not, it looked like kirra in the bay. This is like the only true point break in town. It was chest to head, perfect barrels, tons of power, seriously perfect waves. Ok im definilty babbling now so im gonna just wrap it up here.Check it from the resort and conference center only during HUGE swells, like right after a hurricane... im talking the second the wind starts to die down. South wind is offshore here. If you see waves on the point, you have to walk down the beach (yay, its all the way down there) past where you can see. Walk until your under the huge tower and you can figure out the rest. I dont know what the bottom is here, i didnt care to find out. It was surprisingly crowded, like 10 people on it (all of which had the same story as me and no one had ever surfed it before). Dont tell all your friends, im blowing it up way to much putting it on here, but i had to tell someone!!! P.s. i think there are pics of on surfline now, they say cheasapeake bay Ernesto, or something like that

De no nane , 07-06-2006

never surfed there but - it has potential on the right days,but it is a base and can a civilian gain access?????????????coming from a LTG of the USMC grandson(that is a three star gen.)

De Nigga , 25-02-2006

NE sucks just like VB surf - why would you ride this when you can ride 2ft shorebreak down the beach

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