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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Atlas de spots de surf fait par des surfeurs pour les surfeurs
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USA, Hawaii, Oahu

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De anonymous , 06-08-2003

Classic quote of all time. - "Everybody talks to God when they go to sleep, but if you talk to God you're schizophrenic."It takes one to know one.I love You."

De Super Poop , 30-07-2003

cool - That sounds like my type of film. The only problem is that you left out the funny black kid and the funny white fag. You need to get some inspiration from other popular box office hits. One good place to start would be Mrs. Doubtfire. Thinnk of your screenplay as Mrs. Doubtfire, then just add black funny kids and fags, and oh yeah football.

De Jeb Bush , 29-07-2003

no title - I'm currently writing a screenplay. It is about a surfer girl from Hawaii who comes to the mainland to visit her ailing grandmother who happens to live in a town where a pro football team is having training camp. The girl really gets into football and wants to try out for the team. During this conquest she falls in love with a big black rookie, who is a criminal from Florida State University. I don't want to give everything away but it's gonna be the shit.

De anonymous , 29-07-2003

Jack Johnson - All Hawaii needs is another folk singer.I've been playing for about 10 yrs and the best song I heard was from a Local on Kauai,His emotion from a 6 string was all I needed(Bills Shape is on da hill.)Matter of fact, The local lives in HanaleiAsk Kemo Or Harry, He is Da Man!!!!!!!!!!

De anonymous , 29-07-2003

She likes - backstreet girl

De anonymous , 29-07-2003

All I need - Is a cool chick and a good wave.All Pro surfers(Real pro surfers)will tell you Bali Tiki houses are paradise, but it takes the girl to realize, Da Kine.

De anonymous , 29-07-2003

Rabbit - After you've surfed all over and and had your fun. Did you ever stop to think,Hey I was Bored! Or was it just for money and maybe michael peterson shoulda!

De anonymous , 29-07-2003

The Truth - When you surf extremely well, you need inspiration, you have to give it a rest. Then when you find a new or old love it gets you inspired. Hallelujah!

De Super Poop , 26-07-2003

Choad - John Stockwell directed Blue Crush, he is not a surfer, but he did direct the HBO original Breast Men. Also, you are right, it was a cool movie. The best part was the digitally enhanced faces on the real surfer girl's bodies while riding waves. I think it's even cooler than stunt doubles. There was however good shots of waves in the film. It's really too bad they had to fuck up any possibility of a good film by having a pack of happy go lucky football monkeys running around trying to big pimp on the sluts, and dance on bananna boards.

De Jeb Bush , 26-07-2003

no title - Dudes, I was in Akron Ohio the other day and I went to a Subway. Guess who was there? That dude Jarred. He was all munching on a sandwhich. I'm not sure which one it was. He was on a promotional tour. It was insane. I had one of there new chicken subs with some new special sauce. It was tasty and lowfat to boot. There were no wavepools in the area so I was bummed. Oh well just wanted to let you know that Jarred is cool as shit. He said he vote for me in the future.

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