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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Atlas de spots de surf fait par des surfeurs pour les surfeurs
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 Hazard canyon

USA, California, San Luis Obispo

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De guy , 26-03-2005

to "natures calling" - The locals take a dump on your car hood, if youre lucky...

De anonymous , 03-03-2005

Localism = war-mongering ! - Crikey mate wonder America is at war with the world and no-one likes you , your attitudes and politics anymore ! Surf localism breeds hate and war .
I surfed your area in '87 and know that it could be and should be mellow vibes with great waves in a beautiful mellow area . You're the lucky ones (look where you live) and yet so many of you display greed and aggro violent localism .
Start at home .. share and be tolerant of travelers and others less fortunate than you who live outside your area and perhaps you'll learn something .
If you can't be friendly at home how are you ever going to make friends around the world and be welcome in other places .
Oz has radically crowded waves but somehow we all get our share (depending on ability) , and although there are disagreements , vandalising cars and prejudging non-locals is the exception rather than the rule .
If you ever grow up .... come on down . We've got decent waves too and tolerance is the rule rather than the exception !.

De just moved from santa barbara , 01-02-2005

nature's calling - where are the bathrooms at this place? I was surfing after my morning coffee, and suddenly needed to clear my bowels. i went in the bushes. i feel bad about the napkins i littered, and the stink that now blows up the trail. would it be more appropriate to just go in the water? where do the locals go at?

De Ex-Poly Grad , 25-01-2005

Surf the left - If you're gonna get vibed here, it's because you bring a ton of wave hogs and you're all trying to get covered up on the right when there is a 50 yr old that took off from the peak instead of sitting like a bitch on the shoulder that you just dropped in on. Surf the left. It is still one of the best waves in the area, it is not nearly as crowded, and you are not going to get worked over by the reef if you eat it.

De ANONYMOUS!!! , 21-01-2005

local b.s. - Some of you people need to get over yourselves and stop all this bullshit trash talking on people. Just because you don't go to Poly and you have been surfing the canyon for a couple years doesn't make you a tough guy. This whole ego trip some guys get from dominating 1, let me repeat ONE surf spot out of the hundreds of spots along the california coast is stupid. Also, don't talk shit on Poly kids, because you don't know where they are from. Maybe the kid that you decide to hassle is used to a place like black's or steamers and is actually better than you.

De anonymous , 10-01-2005

2 star - by looking at these pictures how is this place a 2 star?

De Sponger Shawn , 08-01-2005

Don't hate me because I'm beatiful... - The first time I saw Hazard's was around 1983 when my mom and I moved up here and we lived behind the Merrimaker bar in Baywood. I have surfed it off and on ever since. I was 13 back then. I guess that would qualify me to make comments on it? Why so much hating going on? It is just another break in California. No big deal. Plenty of waves to go around. I like to bodyboard it any chance I get to. Drop knee all the way to the shore. Funny to be 34 years old and shredding on my bodyboard. And I do mean Shredding! Just so one gets too hurt because I never put the damn thing down to pick up a sharp deadly peice of fiberglass, I do have a 7' thruster/funshape that I take out on occasion. Chose to take my sponge to Indo for 6 weeks instead of a surfboard. That is how much I love to bodyboard. My favorite spot around here is Jalama. Check it!

De Hey sounds like O.B. is the spot.. thanks , 08-01-2005

Just a reminder - It seems noone has taken the time recently to simply say "Suck IT" It is a sad day when people are happy and content. So here it is, "SUCK IT!"


I love 50 guys out and only 3 getting waves - everyone who surfs montana de oro knows each other so if you want to bring a buttload of buddies and have one hiding in the dunes snapping pictures of you ripping you'll be disappointed when everyone burns you and you feel like a sore thumb sticking out the whole time you're in the water. just being honest. ps, i guess you can be a leftspot guy after transplanting for two seasons, like everyone else who CLAIMS that spot.

De Sponger Shawn , 22-12-2004

Hope springs eternal... - I had my shorts, wallet, keys, and cheap radio stolen from my back pack whilst surfing the spot. First time ever. This happened about 5 months ago. Went to Hazard's to check it because we got a massive swell a few weeks ago. It was THE biggest I have seen it. The best part was that a few locals were representing hard. Three cover-ups per wave. Me and some old man scoped it from the cliff. He has surfed since like 1960. It was cool. The sun was going down and a few kids showed up on the cliff, cracked a couple cold ones, and we all just dug the scene. I hope humanity survives a few more generations....Oh yeah, I just surfed Steamer Lane for 2 hours. Scored rights and lefts. Fun.

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