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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Atlas de spots de surf fait par des surfeurs pour les surfeurs
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 Hazard canyon

USA, California, San Luis Obispo

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De Anonymous , 06-09-2006

- The locals sometimes need to mellow out, especially that old guy that hassles people on the left, including me.

De county resident , 02-08-2006

hazards locals - hazards/los osos locals are a bunch of stupid old hippies too cheap to pay for a decent sewer system in their town. they will treat you like the crap they throw into the ocean. stay away.

De Anonymous , 25-07-2006

- Just stumbled on to this site and am suprised to see all this talk of localism at hazards. I've surfed this place dozens of times over the last three years, driving up in my car with my cal poly sticker and all. I have never encountered anything I would refer to as localism first hand. I have however seen guys get bitched out for dropping in/getting in the way paddleing back out. Hazards is called hazards for a reason. The spot is dangerous enough with out novices or snakes. At beach breaks you can just straighten out if you get dropped in on here you will get stuck inside for the rest of the set and might even take a trip over the reef. On that note your a competent surfer with respect for other surfers I don't think you'll face to many problems with the locals. Just don't even think about taking pictures.

De Brandon Hickman , 11-06-2006

aloha - I miss surfing the canyon. i just wanted to give my alohas to jeff rudd, drew holland and paul brewski. aloha from the big island! b-dog(brandon hickman)

De Sponger Shawn (Still in Stockton) , 30-04-2006

"Whitey" kicked the bucket? - The only time I got hassled by Whitey was when I was careening down the winding road to Hazards in my bus with no brakes and I knew it was pumping so didn't give a damn. I guess he got a little sketched out. Oh well. How did he die?

De get over it! from where you are , 22-04-2006

Not enough attention on intruders - Surf poachers stay away. You can continue to whine about your lame seshion here. Gas prices be blessed. Do not believe you will come here to soak in glory. POLY has ZERO influence on the line-up. The reef takes care of itself. 99% smiles 1% rocks and fists, and you can't stop crying on this site from you home many miles away. Whitey never yelled at me in 18 years. I came in knowing that you have one shot to blow it. That awareness will help your longevity here. Paddle arounds and inside jockeys will get the hammer, patience and ediquette rule this zone. PEACE whitey R.I.P.
Enough blaming Hazard for your distamce from the chapel.

De LEW DOG , 17-04-2006

paco ;see ya. chief;RIP we will remember U - VAN,U GET.005% kudos 4 paco punking !I'm impressed, considering your image(?)you've made 4 thee.keep it up,u can do it! JACK is & will be missed by his true bro's 4 a long time.He was an exellent judge of "the worthy" FUCK ALL WHO THINK OTHERWISE.I WILL SURF W/YOU IN THE FUTURE MY FREIND. R I P

De anonymous , 04-04-2006

Beginner Spot - A nice soft wave for the whole family and all your cousins. Pull up the bus and pile out. The locals are mellow.

De Sponger Shawn , 25-03-2006

Bummin... - I'm at the training acadamy in Stockton Cal for the Dept. of Corrections now. Missin' the coast too. Apparently, I am to be stationed at Avenal State Prison and will be one of those barnies we see go to the Central Coast in the summer from "the valley." Could anything be any worse? I am surrounded by ex-truckers, gun nuts, and career navy men who do nothing but talk about the past (I did 3 years in the Army but could care less). No one around here surfs let alone bodyboard. Oh least I'll earn a killing and can go to Bali (G-Land also) or where ever I want every year on vacation! I hope to buy a sweet piece of land on the coast when the bottom drops out cause of the expensive occupation we are undergoing in the mideast. I hope to retire at 50 and maybe collect my pension in say Costa Rica and live like the old dude in that surf movie that came out a few years ago who explained what "Pura Vida" meant. Maybe even pick up a hot little senorita to clean my hut, mix drinks, and keep me warm at night. Later bros...

De Matt G , 18-03-2006

locals dilema - sorry bro, I didnt see you. how many times have we heard that one. of course he didnt see me. he didnt look. too busy trying to figure out how to paddle that confounded mini-mal. i try to be courteous and ask them to leave politely. some get it. some, i will be a little more firm with. some really dont believe that i am trying to steer them away from trouble. do they really think that they can out position me. forgive them for they know not what they do

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