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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Atlas de spots de surf fait par des surfeurs pour les surfeurs
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 Hazard canyon

USA, California, San Luis Obispo

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De La polla , 19-12-2003

You can have it. - Dude, get real. The place breaks like 20 times a year. Its hardly world class. Yeh, you might be able to get Surfer Mag to pub the one pic you took in 5 years, but have fun waiting another 5 for the next one. You guys act like you own the fucking park. !News Flash! Los Osos is a fucking dive. Ever heard of taxpayers? That makes everyone in California a local. Don't like it? Too bad! The only reason why you guys have historically been dickheads is because of the absence of any quality surf between Sand Dollar and Vandenburg. Bottom line-your wave is above average at best, and it's only worth paddling out to piss off the locals, who by the way, are all fucking renters in that dive town of yours. PS. Tell your wife to shave her fucking armpits, See ya in da water bra!!

De anonymous , 19-12-2003

respect the locals - most of the messages i read were full of shit. the canyon is a world class wave and i have seen pictures in surfer mag with tom carol ripping it. as far as the locals some are from ventura or orange county, but plenty are local construction workers that surf it every day. the reason they don't do much aside stink eye is the fact the cops have been down there with cameras taking mug shots so when some punk from cal poly or cuesta gets is his ass beat they can just point at the picture. the locals also don't need to do anything we own that wave and know exactly how it works you don't stand a chance!!

De Sup , 30-11-2003

Check it out - Fucking sick wave. Got 3 solid days in Feb while visiting my sister in Pismo. Fucking town blows, including SLO, but when the wind wasn't on it,and the Swell is from the right angle-I think about a 280-, it lines up ok. Never had any problems with any locals. The only guys on it were some pot bellied 50 something hippy leftovers. Through a couple of scowls at me when I first paddled out, but nothing a nice -what the fuck you lookin at -didn't solve. I've had a few friends spend some time in this area, kind of fickle..As long as you're over 5.10 and 185, the locals won't say shit to you. Bunch a hot air blowin fuckin homos...

De the gynecologist , 19-11-2003

kicking rocks is a crack head - dude your kinda stupid and i dont know what the hell you where just talkin about. i was sayin show a picture of a real winter time swell ive seen the waves that come in over there and they fuckin womp shit. thats it your dumb i never been to bakersfield and i convinced the people talkin about it got deep roots over in bako as you locs call it. so chill tuff guy.

De JC , 14-11-2003

Love livin in Osos - The surf rocks.....Long live the Canyon!!

De Kicking rocks on ya. , 14-11-2003

Let's move to Los Osos and be locals too! - What's to show about your stupid fucking central coast area? The waves? Hazards? But what about the just add water locals who claim it so hard til you have a class with them a cuesta, only to find out there from fucking Ventura or back east somewhere? Or what about how sick it gets from March to September? Get a clue. represent Central Coast california like its mecca? Maybe its because you are from Bako or somewhere like that by the sea. oh yeah- or pismo!

De pismo gynecologist , 14-11-2003

whats with the funny talk - whats with that funny talk shit. that shits wack you need to shut it. im stayin in the piz its to far to drive all that way and thats your wave anyways so shred on. all im sayin is show the world whats up with central cali they all try to talk shit. thats all im sayin it aint whoring it out its "pimping" it out to show these freaks what its about.peace to the mothership

De anonymous , 07-11-2003

Pisszz-moe - None of us that surf the reef are going to whore out a photo for this piss-ant site. Stay in Pizmo and assess wrinkeled retired clam pie gyeno boy.

De pismo gynecologist , 06-11-2003

still waiting - were still waiting for a real picture of the canyon on a bomb swell. please come with one. i know ther are shredders out there that have one. whats up?

De SloLife , 14-09-2003

Opening day!?! - Thanks for the heads up. I was at Cuesta all day but I'll be on it 2morrow.

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