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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Atlas de spots de surf fait par des surfeurs pour les surfeurs
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 Ocean beach

USA, California, SF Marin

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De halfsharkhalfalligatorhalfman , 09-02-2005

my 2 pesos - The Beach is the moodiest break I have ever surfed in my life. It can be 2 foot San Onofre, and it can be 20 foot Puerto Escondido. I've been surfing here for about 5 years, and I still get humbled to shore sometimes. The head-high shorebreak can be spookier than double-overhead waves on the sandbar... it's amazing how much juice they have after already breaking... real neck-breakers. Sometimes the inside can get epic though... way better barrels than outside.When OB is on it's never really crowded, if anything there's too many waves. Everyone tends to pack together on a few peaks when 100 yards down the beach a peak thats just as good is empty. I think people get spooked so they pack together. And it is NOT a fickle break. I don't know why people wrote that. It can definitely be a difficult break, though. Spring and Summer tend to be pretty small and sloppy but can be fun, Fall is great but the most crowded... offshore and head high perfect conditions. Winter is a truck full of bricks. I'm sure I can't add anything that hasn't already been said. Locals are not a problem, if you can handle the waves, you will be respected. Oh and south of the Zoo, yeah, there's some interesting setups down there, just go explore for yourself, the coast between Sloat and Pacifica is up for grabs... but there's a sewage outlet somewhere along the cliffs, its pretty obvious where it is... you have been warned.

De anonymous , 02-02-2005

Kelly's Cove - I grew up surfing Kelly's, learned to surf there as a kid and loved the spot through teens and early adult. Unfortunately I had to leave SF, it's been probably fifteen years, but it's the one spot I would choose to surf in the entire world. Fun when it's small and a religious experience when it's big.

De anonymous , 29-01-2005

OB Will Kick Your Ass - Well surfing Ob Regularly is no for just anyone, It takes strength and commitment. I have friends all over cali and the east coast who have came to visit and surfed OB. To this day they say , Ob is heavy and when I ask them where they want to surf , the day the get here the first thing they say is , "Will OB Be Big" ..then I say we will see....They are intimidated by the wave ...takes even the best of surfers stength and endurance to get out on , even on a 4-6 ft day...medium by Ob standards...So I say to all wishing to surf there...Bring your A Game Because you will need it...later

De anonymous , 29-01-2005

- I heard when the swell is big enough and there is a super high tide it breaks super gnarly over the golden gate bridge. Only breaks like once a year though. I saw some pictures of it, my friend took them last year. He said you have to drop in at the toll and then it is a really long left that barrels.

De le pua'a , 10-01-2005

big wave stash spot - is it true that there is a big wave stash spot out past the zoo? fort funston? a reef from some collapsed WWII installation?

De anonymous , 16-11-2004

chili dogs - dude... A MEN TO THAT.... seirosuly dude everyone waunts to surf these days if u wasunt sum waves to surf come to stinson perfect white aters durning summer.... BUT dont even think of coming here during winter u will get hurt on those beautiful beach breaks seirosuly when its good its good when bad it bad and winter tme is when its good soo all u surfers (EXPEROIENCED GET U ASS OUT HERe! id there is a monster north SWEELLLL)and all u losers got o cowwels

De Anon Loc - T G i W !!! , 12-11-2004

It's All Over.... - Or just beginning, if you're on the marketing side of things. Face it, the crowds you see at VFW's on any given sunny or smaller day are not going away, but will increase by the season... Everybody wants to try surfing these days, thanks in large part to the media... from car comemrcials to Blue Cruch, surfing is now 'the cool thing to do' and people who previously would have gone mountain biking or to the mall are now turning to surfing in droves. I don't blame them - they've found the best sport on Earth. But all this means it's all over for those of us who have surfed OB for many years now and expect to get waves at places at VFW's without being dropped in on by newbies, or worse... they paddle towards the shoulder, even if that will interefere with your ride, instead of taking the hit in the whitewater like proper surfing etiquette requires. The masses are taking over, there's no use fighting it anymore... it's too late. Just be stoked you got OB, and even SC, relatively uncrowded up until fairly recently. But still, 90% of the newbies, which make up 90% of the new crowd, will not or cannot make it out when it's over 6 foot (baks). Thank God it's winter!

De , 12-11-2004

I love Ocean Beach - I have surfed the north shore of hawaii for years and im from sacramento. i love ocean beach it has to be the best wave in california and i don't think it gets that kind of status. this wave brings out all the things that any real surfer searches for. it is almost a secret spot in that it is uncrowed most of the year and will go off with no one around. the trick is to be there whene it happens. im not there very often because i live far away. i have surfed all over california and i have scored perfect double overhead ocean beach and it was the best. this place needs credit.

De , 15-10-2004

Photos #1 and #2 - Hey,
I was interested to see those pictures up on your site. Please give the credit to my friend who took them (Sy Salerian.) They were taken Feb 11 a couple years ago. Marcela Reyes cleaned the resolution up a bit and we sent them off to Blakestah.
Please type in credit to Sy and Marcela.

De anonymous , 05-10-2004

hahaha - o no u didnt just put a web cam up thats a badddd idea mister geek

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