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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Atlas de spots de surf fait par des surfeurs pour les surfeurs
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 Ocean beach

USA, California, SF Marin

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De Scott , 20-08-2008

compared to oahu - I wouldn't say it's the same strength as the south shore. It's considerably stronger than that. After a season on the north shore, being in the first overhead waves on the ss it's like playful. you see an 8 footer about to break on you and don't really care.

I would say while wave to wave it may not be as strong as ehukai/pupukea(which is my favourite ns spots, I thiknk the fact that those brak break close, and less relentlessly make them easyier to get out in. At OB you have farther through many likes of nonstop waves to get out, so by the time you get to the last peaks on your way outside, you are tireder than after the short paddle outside at ehukai.

I would say the ehukai sandbar is more of a pounding stoings wave, where OB is maybe as strong, or almost, but more of a roll your ass drag the shit out of you wave.

At the same size, say 8 feet, maybe I would rather take one OB wave on the head, but at OB you have a greater chance of it not just being one that you're taking, that's the main difference.

De Bees Knees , 30-11-2007

Power rating redux - One of the most powerful waves in the world at size. When less than overhead it's like any other beachbreak. That idiot Aussie shoulda been here Thanksgiving, trying to paddle out on a 6'4. Woulda gotten crushed.

De Anonymous , 09-11-2007

oil spill - anyone else find it fucked up that they didn't notify surfers of an oil spill of 58,000 gallons, largest spill in 10 years, until the next day??

De Tom the Pom , 02-11-2007

Looks good! - Never been here, but it always looks sick in photos.. By the way 'kAI', why do most Australians move to Europe to surf the beach breaks when they are so good at home? Hahaha aaahhhhhhh....!

De Anonymous , 30-10-2007

Surf school - I am NOT experienced surfer, but have gotten waves at Pacifica & Stinson beaches and some other spots on this planet. Im lacking a transportation now and Ocean beach seem like my only chance to get wet.

So as long as I dont try to go and kill my self by paddling thru all the way, BUT to stay closer to the beach where all that white water rolls up to the beach, I should be safe to get some rides and not get drowned, right?
What ever the answer may be it sure will be a surf school of its own.

De Anonymous , 08-10-2007

- wise surf shop and aqua both locate on great highway at ocean beach...pedro point in pacifica is a good place to stop go to NorCal, the Logshop or Sonlight to rent stuff.

De Anonymous , 07-10-2007

10 days in San Fran - Hi,
Heading over to San Fran from Ireland for a hol late November, staying up the road from Ocean Beach is there any other beaches nearby. .Can anyone tell me what the surf should be like then. Also will have to rent suit and board anyone know a surf shop in that location. thanks for help

De Anonymous , 04-04-2007

Reply to the aussie comment - It is so easy to sound really tough when you write a comment in front of a computer screen, and pretend to be someone you are not. The Aussie is so preoccupied with being tough, and comparing Ocean Beach to his hardcore surf in Australia that it makes his comment sound like a joke.

If you are a beginner, surfing at Ocean Beach is NOT a good idea. Be honest to your self and put safety first.

De Anonymous , 28-01-2007

jesus - i really need to not read the comments. the only useful thing to glean is "some locals are jerks.' but that's true for everywhere, right? the rules are basically the same everywhere. smile and show respect. you'll gain respect from your abilities.
ocean beach is the closest break to me. i love it. i respect it. i preach it. i don't give a rat's ass what other people say about it. there probably are better breaks out there, but not five blocks from my house. if your local break is better, consider yourself lucky and smile.
i just came here to look at the pictures.

De Anonymous , 17-01-2007

Disgrace to Aussies - First off, learn how to spell. You are hailing from a 1st world country, so please try to apply some first world education.

Second... unless you've spent time here, your opinion is meaningless.

Do your research... your c0ck isn't as hard as you think. This place has many moods. Some are deadly. Some are fun. Many are ugly. You said there is much of the season where your breaks aren't surfed because of size/power... and probably also cuz it isn't firing all the time.

Diminishing the dangers to satisfy your comparison of ball size does injustice to beginning to average surfers that aren't equipped to handle the dangers. And, yes, people, including surfers, die here every year.

So, again, what was your point?

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