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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Atlas de spots de surf fait par des surfeurs pour les surfeurs
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 Ocean beach

USA, California, SF Marin

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De anonymous , 29-12-2002

OB is Awesome - I grew up surfing OB close to 20 years ago and it's amazing how the surf scene has developed over the years there. I've seen it get so epic and big out there. But it is dangerous and I've definitely had my share of close calls....but I've also rescued quite a few people too. Respect it's power.

De anonymous , 23-12-2002

My Meat Whistle - OB is big and powerful.

De anonymous , 12-12-2002

More chicks at OB please - Number of surf grommets in OB 10 years ago = 0. Number today = 2. If you surf big OB, good for you but then what do you care about newcomers for; there are miles of empty beach to choose from. Socal surfers have better style due to more inviting waves and their surf communities. SF guys though can surf OB better when it's big. Santa Cruz surfers are the best since they've learned in both rippable waves and big surf. People that surf tend to have open minds and I believe surfing helps this. I encourage more surfers at OB, especially chicks. Hopefully global warming will bring more bikinis to OB. Surfers have the best lives, so when we can't relax, it's a sure sign of problems. Of course that's why I don't do anything but surf and jack off.

De anonymous , 07-11-2002

Bittersweet - She's a lady, She's a whore! Pretty much sums up OB.

De The Copulator , 06-11-2002

Hyyyyyyyyyyyyppppppppppppppe....................... - d d d d d dont...dont...dont believe the HYPE yeah yeeeeaaahaaaa. I said dont...yeah dont....dont believe the HYPE yeeeaaaahhhhaaaaa.

De anonymous , 06-11-2002

don't buy the hype - bravo! thankyou 20 year local. Listen to the man and shut yer yaps hype-machine socal transplants who want to sound like they charge.

De anonymous , 05-11-2002

OB perspective from someone who's surfed there for 20 years - First off-is OB dangerous? Yes. Is it 2nd to Maverick's? No. Does Maverick's even rate # 1? No. Does Big Rock even compare to OB? Definitely not! Maybe Baja Malibu, or the Tiajauna Sloughs. And OB is the starting point to what lies ahead to the North. Yes-if you can paddle out at OB on a triple over head day-you probably can paddle out any where. The beatings at OB are relentless and matched by only a few other spots in the world. It is good training there and can get All Time. But more often than not the place is blown out. And the wave not that great-just a drop and a short ride. Most people who surf there can't really surf either. It's gotten way more crowded in recent years. It's too hyped up by the ones who haven't earned the right to hype it. Let your surfing do the talking for how good you are and not the reputation of the break you surf. Harbor Entrance goes off. Pt Reyes breaks huge, Mendecino shouldn't be talked about. Most people are not surfing north of the Gate and will continue not too. And Margaret River is a world class wave that can handle size, and the caliber of surfing there goes off and you do not understand the true meaning of hard core until you surf there. Ocean Beach is a great place when it's on-but there are way better spots that are more user freindly and more often.

De mr. dangerisreal , 28-10-2002

to mr. sweetheart - look "bro", although those places you mention (some of which should have remained unmentioned) can get as gnarly as ocean beach, 1) they dont have as gnarly of currents because of the close proximity of the bay sucking massive amounts of water in and out of a small channel, and 2) with the exception of big rock, they are not nearly as widely surfed, especially by "inland kooks". as for the wave, none of those places can claim a gnarlier wave than ocean beach at triple overhead. finnally, take a look at the wave models during a solid northwest, the south end of ocean beach is consistently bigger than any of those places on a regular basis. i've lived within five miles of each of those places youve mentioned at some point in my life, and i've never lived farther than five miles from the ocean, so i can attest to this. unless your surfing ocean beach at triple overhead on a regular basis, get over it tough guy.

De Mr. Sweetheart , 23-10-2002

Hey you- Mr. "The Danger is Real'... - What the fuck are you talking about with "Ocean Beach is the most dangerous place in California next to Maverick's"??? Ever been out to Pt. Reyes beachbreak? Or how about Harbor Entrance on a big day? And for that matter- what about Big Rock in SD with size- one mistake and it's all over? Or Sander's Reef in Mendo? Or even Sharp's Park!!!! The reason there are so many drownings at OB is because this is not So Cal and weekend inalnders come out here and get caught in currents in fifty degree water and the surf finishes them off. One surfer has died out here in history- could happen anywhere. OB can get heavy, but "The Danger is (definitely) Hyped"...

De anonymous , 21-10-2002

come on out - if you judge OB, or anywhere in Northern California, by the summer, then you're an idiot. If you expect to find Southern California conditions here, then you're an idiot. If you surf OB when it's quadruple overhead, then you're an idiot. You're all idiots!!! This place has become a destination for watermen with strong skills. Today I saw Coast Guard boats practicing in the impact zone, a few kayakers getting closed out on the inside sandbar, a sea lion and a few porpoises fishing through the outside, and a few logs and plastic buckets float by (thank God that the water is too brown to see what's under me). As I strained my vision in search of other surfers, I counted only three. The reports said 2-3 times overhead this weekend and all three days in the water I never had another person even paddle across the peak that I was riding. Unlike the other comments, I pray that you come to OB. It's really scary sitting out there by yourself. BUT, only come December through February. Thank you.

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