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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Atlas de spots de surf fait par des surfeurs pour les surfeurs
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 Ocean beach

USA, California, SF Marin

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De anonymous , 05-07-2003

gets good sometimes - Ocean Beach gets good sometimes, but often it is too windy, big, currenty or the sandbars are screwy. When it is good, it can be compared to Oahu's North Shore.

De anonymous , 25-06-2003

Dissapointment............ - This site has got more trash talk than a basketball game.

De anonymous , 15-06-2003

no title - When it's good, it's really good. 8ft perfectly round barrels. Although in past few months it's only been good a handful of times.

OB is a powerful wave and when it's big can take 30 min to paddle out and by then you are a half mile down the beach. Not to mention the beating you'll get.

Although in the same size surf, I got my worked harder at Ano Nuevo.

De anonymous , 29-05-2003

cool place - I live next to ocean beach so I see it every day. I also surf there as much as possible. There is a definite level of wave knowledge (and endurance) one needs when it is big. But it is worth it when you make it out to the break. The beach is big enough for everyone, but you can still find he-bitches that have to find something to cry about. However, the locals are a lot more chill than other places. I have seen a few days at OB when it was unbelievably perfect, and some when it was incredibly flat. The waves have a mind of their own so most of the time you just have to be lucky and in the right place at the right time. For the few bodyboarders out their like me it poses a fun challenge, with great rewards. When big, this beach can only make you better.

De you silly ass! , 02-04-2003

Flynndog? What kind of name is that?! - I am the one you called 'BB'. You think you can surf better than me? That makes me laugh. I'll bust an ollie over your head, then watch from above as you get tumbled around in the whitewater like a dead puppet. Anyone who surfed OB last Sunday knows you had to paddle hard and long to get the best waves, because the current was so strong. But the peak was happening for us men who did not give up paddling with our our might, and as I was riding erect and stalwart in the barrel, I saw you drifting out around Seal Rock, waving your hands for help, you dumb ass!

De flynndog , 14-03-2003

Response to Big Boy - BB, you're right. I'll admit it. I don't want to work hard to catch waves. I want them to come to me. I have minimal arm strength and I can't hold my breath long at all. I guess I'm a wimp. But I still like to surf and just because I'm lazy it doesn't mean I'm a bad surfer. Just a lazy one, who would rather not work too hard to catch waves. I am positive that I am a better surfer than you. And I probably only surf one third as much as you. But I have talent that you lack, so I can afford to be lazy. You can't. And thats why you'll be stuck in whitewater while I watch you're sorry ass from the beach. good luck, little boy

De anonymous , 12-03-2003

how it is - It's good and sometimes really good somewhere between November and Febuary but after March begins forget about it until at least September (except for occasional souths with clean conditions that hit way better in SC). If you can; spend the money on northerly wind days and drive. Rips and incoming tide are the major problems besides crumbly onshores. The sandbars will appear and disappear in minutes, lots of longshore paddling (sp?). Despite the length of the beach usually everybody is set up on the same 200 yards where it is ridable. When there is swell and current it's a contest who can paddle the most to stay on a peak, definitely a matter of strength or fitness. Paddling out can be insane or extremely easy if you catch a rip between sets, somedays you can make a quarter-mile paddle without even getting your hair wet even when it is eight foot plus. A lot of days the swell size and tide don't quite match the bars and everything backs off or mushes out. The shorebreak and inside can be murderous. If your board is big enough you can slide into huge waves as they ramp well before they break, but then people just go straight, in fact that is what most SF surfers do on all waves no matter what the size, there are some rippers but spaced out, unfortunately they will be all around you on good overhead days and nailing deep drops on sick waves. Definitely a fickle place but the rewards can be huge.

De big boy , 07-03-2003

Flynndog - you're a kook. - Paddle a little harder to the waves you see and maybe you'll catch one. OB is not some enigmatic riddle. It's as clear as day to me. I see waves break, even on bigger days, and paddle right to the peak and catch good waves. What's the problem? Ya warwick farms get too tired? Or maybe you are just a kook who thinks he is bad-ass, when in fact he lacks the aggression required to surf this place well. Go suck my dick, you fucking tweaker.

De Flynndog , 31-01-2003

OB is OK - Ocean Beach is alright and can be a lot of fun, but on average it is messy and inconsistent. Since it is open to the weather, sand bars are constantly changing and shifting, making a reliable spot to surf nearly impossible. Many times I look at the surf from the beach and think that I will get waves if I paddle out, but in reality you end up drifting around from peak to peak, always wishing that you were somewhere else and wondering why you aren't catching any waves. This seems to happen even more as the size increases. This is were the paddle factors in. If you see decent waves breaking on a sandbar about 400 yds out, you have to wonder if the energy you spend to get out there will pay off. It will be about twice the size you think it is from the beach and you will likely drift away from the peak as you paddle anyway. This process usually ends in frustration. If you catch it on the right day it can be great, but on a daily basis it is unpredictable.

De anonymous , 23-01-2003

oz is the best - hey guys, if we should vote, we should be able to...
can u give us a valid url?!

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