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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Atlas de spots de surf fait par des surfeurs pour les surfeurs
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 Ocean beach

USA, California, SF Marin

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De anonymous , 12-09-2004

hey - dude its totally true Ob is a totally epic hard core break no little sb guys should surf it the chili dogs will will scare u out of town b4 the wave does peace

De L-Terrible , 01-09-2004

Lava Rats - 3piece,Heavy D,El Pupe'& Doc all rip here. Well, maybe the rest.......Doc can't surf a small wave to save his life, cool guy though.

De SurfTouristFromHell , 31-08-2004

hey johnny, world relations is a bit more complex than a small minority of cocky surfers with bad attitudes. Then you aussies wonder why half the world thinks your stupid mate. .... Well, read what you just wrote .

Actually the Aussie is right on. Go and pick any other spot, Portugal, France... wherever.. read the messages and compare them with the postings on the US Westcoast spots. There arent any other people posting so much aggro BS then here.

Luckily ive been several times to CA and know that the majority of the people is pretty nice and chilled in the water. As long as you behave well in the lineup, that is.

If i would need to judge the CA surfing population from the postings on thes boards i would need to come to the conclusion that CA surfers are a bunch of morons.

:: arnd ::

De I surf OB before work after kissing my 5 month old son on the forehead , 09-08-2004

Who is this guy? - I don't know who that aggro guy is posting comments about boybands and dissin surf pulse. And I'm not sure who this guy is sucking off all of us who surf OB, calling us the truly hardcore. The fact is, OB can be big shifty, and get your heart pumping - if you love surfing, like the few of us who get up to paddle out at sunrise, and check surf sites like this one from our work computers during the day, then the OB experience is what it is all about. It doesn't make us more "hardcore" cause we happen to live in San Francisco, and that happens to be our local spot, it just makes us love our sport like everyone else, regardless of locality or attitude.

De anonymous , 09-08-2004

O.B. - O.B. is not the brand of tampons for pussies. O.B. is the beach for the few hardcore that surf it. I prefer myself a serene and calm environment for surfing. Therefore, O.B. is not my beach. It is one of the most dangerous beaches in the world, check the death statistics for it. It is endless water moving everywhere. Peaks deceive you and sneak up on you. The biggest I surfed it was 5-6 ft. and that was plenty for me. It is for true watermen. The whole time in the water is one characterized by consternation. If you are hardcore you will surf O.B. This beach is not for pussies.

De I surf OB when you're looking at boys on your webcam , 07-08-2004

I'm gonna break it! - Why you putting up a webcam? we dont need idiots like yourself checking out our spot from your laptops in Marin or Castro. Maybe you and the West Pump boys can make a boyband video with that camera eh, that'll keep you from shoulder hopping.

De I surf OB when you take your grand kids to school , 06-08-2004

West Pump What? - You got to be joking! West Pump Boys, you guys sound like a boy band, atleast come up with a cooler, more hetero name, damn it, you guys give ocean beach a bad name. Go back to the bowling alley!

De better man , 06-08-2004

Your brand of localism is givin' locals a bad name. - The next time you feel hatred while surfing, think about what a fucking jack ass you are for completely missing the point of surfing.

You guys call yourselves locals, I call you all snakes.

If your asses want some uncrowded waves, move to alaska.

Anybody who complains about Ocean Beach being crowded forgot to look a hundred yards down the beach to the next peak.

The next time you feel anger or hatred because the waves are too crowded, go surf some place else. Better to do that and have fun than ruin your whole surf by being pissed off.

People who think that where a person is from determines where they should surf are the real kooks.

Instead of complaing about all the crowds, why don't you shut up and learn how to take off deeper, let your surfing do the talking.

Remember how lucky you are to be a surfer.

Don't take it for granted by using it as an excuse to start shit with some body.

Surfing is supposed to be fun.

De NorCal Local , 16-07-2004

You cant just paddle out at OB... - YOu dont just paddle out at OB. OB is definantly one of the heaviest waves there is. It can be an excellent thrill and the demolition of your life as you take a set wave on the head or eat it. The people who surf OB in the winter are awesome. There not sponsered, they dont have pictures in magezines, many of them have families and live on the great highway. If you dont have respect for them then i cant imagine who you do respect. Dont talk shit unless you wake up at 5 in the morning to surf the heaviest double overhead waves in a 5 mm. suit in drizzly fog. Show respect and respect OB, or it will put you in your place. 3 foot OB is heavier then head high waves in many other places.

De Jew Jew Bee , 03-07-2004

Don't call ME cuz - How do black people talk?

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