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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Atlas de spots de surf fait par des surfeurs pour les surfeurs
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 San onofre

USA, California, Orange County

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De Anonymous , 14-08-2010

Man n the grey wetsuit - You guys see the video Chuck p shot on his SUP with the little hero cam? Two great whites circling his board. Man I wouldn't want my feet danglin in that water. One came right up and almost knocked him off his board. I guess the power plants attracts em. That wave isn't that good I think i'll pass.

De Anonymous , 30-08-2007

paradise - 1st time ever being there took out my 5 10 shortboard it was overhead during summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! there were about 5 people out in the morning it was perfect it was paradise. Finally a place without any asshole locals

De Trail Guide , 04-02-2007

BLacks rules - Blacks rules over trail 6.They don't even give you a reach around and trail 6.

De Dan , 03-07-2006

Thnaks n8t - Thanks n8t!
I'm glad to hear that a shortboard isn't out of the question - and mine isn't too short It's 6'8. I just didn't want to ditch my girlfriend and her dog to find a spot, since many of the beaches I have read don't allow dogs. Anyway, thanks again and I say hi if I see ya.

btw what's up with the water temp. I was hoping for warm water!

De , 28-06-2006

Plenty 'O' waves - Dan, enjoy camping at San O. I live 40 miles away and spend as much time as possible surfing and camping there. Lot's of cats with short boards with plenty of options as far as waves. While the surfbeach is mostly longboarding, plenty of people are ripping on shortboards. There are even more options at Trails. I prefer trail six, and have never encountered any nudists. Trail four is my girl's favorite. She rides a 6'8". I always catch waves no matter if I am riding my hybrid, or the 8'0". Enjoy! Look out for me when you are down there and say hi. I'm riding the wood 8'0" during the summer. It's all about surf culture at San O. It is no trestles (although it is right up the beach), but the whole experience leaves you stoked!

De Cali-NYC , 22-06-2006

What Sharks??? - Sorry...I have to respond to that shark message. I am an ex-SanO surfer who is now unfortunately in New York. First and foremost, nobodly let this guy scare you with tales of killer sharks. I surfed this spot for 10 years and the only fins I ever saw were from dolphins. Everyone knows Cali has Great Whites, but they are also endangered and it is considered a "bad year" if 5 attacks occur. Mostly there are one or two isolated incidents...and mostly in NorCal.

Also, what the hell is up with telling people to A) Surf without a leash because sharks like to bite them and B) To swim to shore slowly and thrash around a lot. Either you are one stupid Kook out for a laugh or you are just plain retarded.

Nevermind the shark business...great place with a great vibe and mellow surfers. Check it out.

De Dan , 30-05-2006

Camping at San Onofre - I'll be camping at San Onofre this July. I'm from Nor-Cal and don't know much about the area other than the surf at this paricular spot is really only for longboarders. Since I only ride a short board i need to know if there is any decent spots to surf at (within walking distance) other that Trestles (I don't surf well enough and don't like the crowds) Thanks!

De SD surfer , 01-04-2006

this is San Diego County - Why does everyone in the OC insist on claiming San O and Trestles, this is clearly San Diego County.

De anonymous , 22-03-2006

jaws. - you guys have all watched the jaws trilogy one to many times.

a man eating shark?


don't be stupid.

spielberg's terror has been reigning for 3 decades.

just be smart and leave the sharks alone.

and don't let the fucking media control you.

De me , 08-01-2006

pretty fun - i was surfing here over the beginning of summer in 1-3 foot waves not a real crowd (it was a school day before brake) and it was really slow. stayed there till it was almost dark and i drove by trestles, IT WAS SOOOOOOOO PERFECT!!!!!!! 2-5 foot waves and hollow waves!!! why i didn't drive down there before i dont know but all i know is that i will not ever go down to san-o before i check out trestles!!!!!

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