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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Atlas de spots de surf fait par des surfeurs pour les surfeurs
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 Les Estagnots

France, Landes

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De Anonymous , 19-05-2009

- hey, am looking to camp out by the beach for a few days the end of june. are there any campsites close to the beach? and do you have to book or can u just turn up on the day? wb thanks.

De Mel (M) , 25-11-2006

Les Estagnots - Sweet memories! During Adam`s Bar-Mitzva Surfari to Landes & the French/Spanish Basque region in October 2003, this is the break we liked best. With the motor-caravan hired from Biarritz parked nights in the parking-lot (& next to the WCs) we got awesome/classic waves @ low & high-tides.We also met awesome people like Andy Irons (& his sweet lady), Taj Barrow, Mick Fanning, Lisa Anderson, Chelsea Gregerson, Megan Abubu ( the fearless!), David the Segnoisse cop (French Hai Alay champ & pest extrordinaire about our overnight parking habits) & Max the local 'air-man' from the Capbreton ice-cream parlour.
My boy will never forget this visit, the friendly Basque people, friendly & skilled French surfers (male & female). Just everything sweet!

De rarpz , 06-09-2006

estagnots - surf here often,when cant be bothered tripping of to cavaliers,bout end the of august gets crowded september goes off,dont worry bout locals theres more tourist out:)

De anonymous , 01-09-2005

End of August was soooo good!!! - I spent 1 day here on the way back from spain and we had just an epic day!!! good overhead sized perfect waves, the ocean so clean because no wind or even slight offshore... it was just a dream.
but be prepared to paddle constantly because of the strong currents from north to south along the coast.
have fun...

De Olly , 14-06-2005

- Can anyone recomend any campsites along the coast here?? Cheers

De G.S , 01-05-2004

right comment - i had been surfing this spot for many years and les bourdaines also. it's fu!,; great!! so go there to surf... Summer times is fun cause water is hot. But the best is sept oct time.
big swell and lot of waves

ps forget about the localism. I surfed a lot in biarritz for 5 months... and no problem sure if you can t understand what happening when you surf and if you are aggressive i will destroy your f;:: head alwright!
think about the rules of surfing

see ya

De Emanuel , 19-06-2003

like Biarritz? - strong localism on Biarritz?It´s t he perfect place to surf!No problems with locals there, and I´m spanish!!Just respect

De anonymous , 16-04-2003

locals?what the f***k - hey ho you local fagots next time you get cocky with foreign surfers remember that the same people that you are telling to go away are lining your daddys and mommys pockets by doing tourism.Those so called locals problably spend half of their lives farting around the beaches.get on and work you beach bums,THEN you might live in the real world!!

De dav, local bad lifeguard , 09-12-2002

get out!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - the last summer, the left (near vvf) was so perfect but ultra-fulled...warning for the people who stay in their car or van during two months on the parking: next summer we will burst your car tires!!!!
NB:Kelly, I fuck you two times;
Friends, you are welcomming.

De asdf hater , 16-11-2002

surfergirl - you can come and visit me at shark island any time you are looking for a super cool aussie to rule your waves

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