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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Atlas de spots de surf fait par des surfeurs pour les surfeurs
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De jodenico , 18 juil.

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De jodenico , 6 juil.

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De jodenico , 6 juil.

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De Anonymous , 30-06-2010

Hot Spots - No surfer in their right mind would disclose to an outsider where the breakers are and when they are at their peak. Go to Hawaii or the Maldives, Frenchie.

De Quinn Haber , 31-08-2008

Larry of AUS... - Don't be fooled... the real surf on Finland is on the north shore in the Arctic Circle. Before you laugh some more, see the new issue of Surfer's Journal... the waves there resemble a cold water Indo.

De Anonymous , 06-12-2007

Larry (AUS) - haha those pics are hilarious!!!
1ft shorebreak bro...hectic
haha dont fool yourself, Finalnd is a waste of money to surf...go surf France bro, you have sick waves there

De Puker , 22-06-2005

Surfing Finland - The challenge is on - OK, so here is how it goes. I am heading to Finland in August and I have been set, amoung others, the challenge of surfing some waves up there. My initial thoughts were 'no problemo' but having read some of your comments I am not so sure. I cannot afford to lose this challenge and need some local knowledge. 'Kite surfing' and 'body boarding' replys will not help me.


De östanpåbull , 30-04-2005

- Best wave in Finland is not in the southern part, go further north and search. Biggest problem finnish surfers have is that some of them are old windsurfers and always look for waves when the storms are pumping. Because of this all they mostly find is onshore slop. Because of the short fetch of our seas we get short swells. But 3-4 h after the storms, thats when you go surfing boys! Yes you can find clean 3-4ft surf in Finland, but only during fall and winter and if you buy a sea chart and search the coast..

De , 03-01-2005

Finnish Bodyboarding Club - Hi bodyboarders & kneeboarders!
Become a member of Finnish Bodyboarding Club by sending an e-mail to:

Surf's up!
Nordic Bodyboarding Association

De dommo , 29-09-2004

c'mon man - give the place a break guys! no harm in calling the truth about the waves, but why the sarcasm and rudeness in some of the comments here? scandinavia is a beautiful place, very freindly and polite good people, stunning women everywhere and such good food and beer that no matter how much you drink and eat you just get healthier. its great to be able to wander around countries like this and everyone wishes you well, no thieves or touts or hassles. thank you to all scandinavians out there, you truly have a great way of life.
anyway, heres a suggestion to anyone going to scandinavia and is bringing boards - leave them at home and take a kite and a kiteboard - its windy and flat and is perfect to kitesurf

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