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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Atlas de spots de surf fait par des surfeurs pour les surfeurs
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Localisation: Middle East, island in the Mediterranean Sea, south of Turkey
Coordonnées géographiques: 35° 0' N, 33° 0' E
Côte: 648 km km
Climat: temperate; Mediterranean with hot, dry summers and cool winters
Relief: central plain with mountains to north and south; scattered but significant plains along southern coast
Sommets: highest point: Mount Olympus 1,951 m
Risques naturels: moderate earthquake activity; droughts
Monnaie: Greek Cypriot area: Cypriot pound (CYP) Turkish Cypriot area: Turkish lira (TRL)
Population: 780,133 (July 2005 est.)
Langues: Greek, Turkish, English
Capitale: Nicosia
Découpage administratif: 6 districts; Famagusta, Kyrenia, Larnaca, Limassol, Nicosia, Paphos; note - Turkish Cypriot area's administrative divisions include Kyrenia, all but a small part of Famagusta, and small parts of Lefkosia (Nicosia) and Larnaca

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Typical Swell Size            
Surf Equipment
Water temp.            
Air temp.            

Variations saisonnières de houle et de vent

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Spots de surf

Spots de surf (17)
Qualité Direction Type Fréq Experience
Caretta Caretta 1 / -
Droite et gauche Beach-break Tous surfeurs
Cripplers 1 / -
Gauche Récif rocheux Pros ou Kamikaze...
Curium Beach - / -
Droite Beach-break Vague pour débutants
Eucalyptus - / -
Droite Point-break Tous surfeurs
Fig Tree - / -
Droite et gauche Beach-break Tous surfeurs
Helios Beach 2 / -
Droite Digue / Jetée Tous surfeurs
Ladies Mile - / -
Droite et gauche Beach-break Tous surfeurs
Melanda 2 - / -
Droite Point-break Surfeurs expérimentés
Pissouri - / -
Droite Point-break Tous surfeurs
Polis - / -
Droite et gauche Beach-break Tous surfeurs
Potima Point 4 / -
Droite Point-break Surfeurs expérimentés
Sandy Beach (Queen Victoria Beach) 5 / -
Droite et gauche Banc de sable Tous surfeurs
Shipwrecks 2 / -
Droite et gauche Beach-break Tous surfeurs
St Raphael Marina - / -
Droite et gauche Beach-break Tous surfeurs
Venus Beach 3 / -
Droite et gauche Banc de sable Vague pour débutants
Vulcansurf - / -
Droite Beach-break Vague pour débutants
Yellows - / -
Droite et gauche Récif rocheux Surfeurs expérimentés


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De Anonymous , 13 août

- It looks like Cyprus is great place to surf, it will be my trip plan this year !
5461AS 0.56 inch 5461AS LED 5461AS

De , 07-08-2012

Great Surfing lesson From Airtime! - I have been living in Cyprus for two years and i finally stumbled across the Airtime website and gave Steve Morris a call to discuss whether i could take up surfing in Cyprus. He was very helpful and i popped into his brilliant shop the very next day. He then took the time to explain the basics and we agreed to meet for a lesson last weekend near Akrotiri. Although the waves were small, Steve did all he could to make the lesson informative and enjoyable and i loved it! Good price and very helpful. I am now going to get a board and start my journey! Can't wait! Thanks again to Steve, he is the man you need to get you started.


De babbsmonteiro87 , 09-03-2012

surfing - ooo im sooo glad that i found this website... i am going to pafos at the end of this month... and wondered if they did surfing... i started surfing in fuerteventura... and wanted to carrt it on... im excited to go and see steve i also have his number becuase i need to get a soft board for my self im sooo excited... i cant stand on the board yettt but i will be soonn.... are you stil out there annoynoumous who posted a wall post on 2nd feb x

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