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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Atlas de spots de surf fait par des surfeurs pour les surfeurs
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De , 05-08-2006

Bulgarian Waves??? - I'm getting a sketchy outline that there might be some wave action along the Black Sea. Stoked on that because I'll be moving to Sofia this Aug. and living there for over a year, planning on bringing a board with me.
Will be looking for spots along the bulgarian coast... any direction I should head?
What are the water temps like? Do I need my burly 5/4 wintersuit?
Also will be looking for people to ride with and share the wealth so if your around give me a shout. -Aaron

De DoQ , 26-07-2006

About Romania - I,m from Mangalia,Romania, a small town on the coast,10 km from the bulgarian border.I never saw someone surfing in Romania, but in Vama Veche and 2 Mai the waves are as big as in Bulgaria.You can surf but only a few (10-15) days a year.You can not plan a hollyday for surfing in Romania or in Bulgaria because you can not predict when the waves will be big enough.So,just catching just some "lucky" waves.

De , 04-07-2005

surf &body competition - Join our surf&body competition in Bulgaria

De , 04-07-2005

Surf competition - Zarevo - 1-20 aug.2005 - Join our surf & body Competitiom in Bulgaria
1-20 aug 2005

De anonymous , 06-08-2004

Re: Black Sea surfing for beginners - jIvKO. DISASTER! I looked into the surfing at the resort where I'll be staying in Bulgaria (Albena near Varna) has wind surfing facilities however the waves are supposed to be pretty poor? Do you or is there anyone out there that lives near Varna? Are there any waves or will my holiday be a complete non event as far as surfing goes (except wind surfing of course and I've never tried that, still struggling with regular surfing.) Is there anyone local to Varna that can save my holiday and tell me that the waves are sufficient for a beginner AND that I can hire a board there. not having a board to take I need to hire too......

De Ian , 16-06-2004

re: surfing for beginners - Cheers for the update my friend.
I'll let you know how I get on.

De anonymous , 16-06-2004

Turkey - Isn't Turkey a dangerous place with really strong coffee? Is the wave any good?

De anonymous , 16-06-2004

Turkey - It's seem as the prevailing weather patterns in late summer fall favor Turkey for swell in the Black Sea. Have any of you checked this area for surf spots?

De jIvkO , 16-06-2004

re: Ian - hey mate, just get your board and pray... :) mostly depends how long you're here, but your chances to get some decent swell are pretty good. Depends where you have booked your vacation, if not close to a spot, you might need to rent a car.
temps are pretty high...don't worry about wetsuits!
goo luck!

De Ian , 15-06-2004

Black Sea Surfing for Beginners - Hi all, at my maturing age of 30 I've just discovered surfing here in the UK. What have I been doing all these years with my weekends and evenings...jees. Anyway, I have a hol booked in Bulgaria on the Black Sea and want to find out if the surf is decent for a beginner. Also is there anything I should be wary of? Can someone drop me a msg back with an update. Thx in advance.....oh PS. I'll be there mid August 2004. Cheers.

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