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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Atlas de spots de surf fait par des surfeurs pour les surfeurs
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De ufuk_akinci , 24-12-2009

Brotherhood of Black Sea - Hi guys,
I am also surfing in Black Sea but On Turkey costs. We have also good spots and some times imazing waves. This dream is very new for both countries. As a first shaper and surf instructor in Turkey, I would like to meet and connect with you guys. If we will band together, I am sure Surfing Black Sea will rise.
Storm, Cold water, Dramatic weather, feels so good :)

De Christian Miller , 20-12-2009

BG style - Eazy to find ,hard to live !!

De Christian Miller , 27-05-2009

Hi - Hi I have a surf bar on Kabakum beach,and everybody can have information and rent a surf and skim boards!
Varna Bulgaria Kabakum beach Ri_bar ,near by the casttile!
Send me question at

De Anonymous , 27-05-2008

Patience - Hi

I'll be staying in Varna in the first week of August 2008 and would love to get in some surfing while we're in Bulgaria. Does anyone know where would be the best place to go and if (and where) I could rent a board? I'm a beginner/intermediate girl surfer so some sort of surf school would be great (or a random person who is able to give me an hour or so of tuition to brush up).

Thanks lots

De Anonymous , 24-02-2008

Visiting Bulgaria - Can anyone tell me our are the waves in september
If the swell in that time of the year is good.
I am going from portugal to bulgaria should i take the board

De Dukedge , 06-09-2007

Double overhead Black Sea.....?? - Just kidding, I am looking for Romanian or Ex-pat surfers from Brasov or Bucharest interested in swapping BS. Have kombi, boards, good attitude. -Mahalo

De Anonymous , 06-08-2007

plase to rent or by surf boards - i ame currently staying i bulgaria. I did not bring my boards. any body know were i can get a board. by or rent

De , 10-12-2006

to yoko - hi yoko now is too cold for surfin' but is ok or snowboarding ifyou are in bourgas you can surf in some places near to bourgas
i've got family in bourgas but i am from varna
if you want to make a contakt my e mail is
nice to meet you a im martin

De yoko, , 05-09-2006

can i surf!!!??? - im comming to bulgaria in first of oct for 3 or 9months as a japanese teacher. im japanese girl's surfer. could anyone tell me if i live in burgas, how far to go surf areas??? how often are waves comming?? just general speaking... im soooo happy if i can surf in there so please, please tell me!!

De Anonymous , 05-08-2006

to Aaron - Hi Aaron, there are waves at the Black sea, jyst not so often as at the ocean, but usually we have 8-10 days of surf in a month. August and September you don't need a 5-4 wetsuit. Some friends are organizing a surf competition in august - you can check at and sign in if you want to take part, it's gonna be more for fun than a real comp.If you have more questions send me an e-mail - . Cheers.Tony

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