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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Atlas de spots de surf fait par des surfeurs pour les surfeurs
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 Troncones beachbreak

Mexico, Guerrero

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De jaxon , 15-07-2011

Big, fast, heavy/thumpy barrels - Doesn't show it on the map but this spot is the beaches just south of Troncones point. I thought it was way more of a bodyboard wave than surfboard. The A-frame peaks look great and from the road, but they're actually a lot faster breaking and pound super hard on the sandbars. It's Pretty dangerous, especially if you're not used to this kind of speed and power...have you're paddle on before you get there. DO NOT eat the food in will die for a couple of days.

De Anonymous , 26-07-2008

Troncones - I just got back from Troncones. We scored good head high waves. The last 2 days we surfed out front of Mi Casa Su Cas. I posted some tube pictures. Thanks to Osman and the crew at Mi Casa Su Casa.
Pedro Boys..........

De Anonymous , 20-06-2008

Troncones - Check for more info.

De Anonymous , 18-06-2008

RE: Shark Attack Troncones - It happened in front of Mi Casa Su Casa. That's what the papers have reported.

De Anonymous , 01-05-2008

Shark Attack - Does anyone know exactly where the shark attack took place? I've been to Trocones before and am planning on going again.Fun surf area

De Anonymous , 30-04-2008

Sharks - Dude just died here yesterday. Gray shark they think. It's their back yard I guess. RIP bro.

De Anonymous , 11-02-2008

- You're right, it is a hoax....better get down to Costa Rica instead.

De Anonymous , 17-01-2008

troncones area - This spot is not very ridable most of the time. It is a close out shorebreak but fun on a bodyboard. If you are not a very strong swimmer don't go out back even when it's small. As well the point breaks around this area like Saladita and Ranch are very crowded when working. All sorts of boat in and drive in guides bring in tourist kooks from Troncones and Ixtapa. At Saladita, it used to be empty at times but now the area is full of fat US ex pats who ride 10 ft tanks, snake any tourist and act as if they're charging Pipeline. If you go with a guide, don't expect him to give you the good set waves. Usually they take the good ones themselves and leave the scraps for the stupid gringos.

De surfhungry , 21-07-2007

surf trip - Going on a surf trip with my friend we r two shortboarders are longest board is a 6 8 where is the best spot in the area to shortboard. Is saladita surfable with a shortboard? How about troncones?

De jim , 17-04-2007

hoax? - This place looks like a hoax. I cant find 1 single good pic of this place anywhere on the net.2 of the photos on this sight look like the point and the only good photo i think is puerto. The other photo is a little shore break. Does anyone have a photo of the beach break going off!?!? I dont think sooooo. Cause it doesnt. 3 stars should be 2 only.

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