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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Atlas de spots de surf fait par des surfeurs pour les surfeurs
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 The wall

Mexico, Baja Norte

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De Willydidhwat , 25-01-2013

Labyrinth on shore - Has anyone been to the wall lately and noticed if this rock arrangement is still there?

Also, for what it's worth in my experience, this spot is fun and rugged. Youd be dreaming if you thought you could rock up for 1 day and hit it just right. However, if you spend some time and enjoy the area you're bound to get some big and fun ones.

De bob , 22-06-2008

fun spot - went in spring, for 4 days, got it hot and sunny and glassy one day, windy and crumbly one day, overcast and glassy, the place has many faces but overall the wave is a fun spot, one of the better points in the area, also if there is swell there are a few other options around here for surf

De Anonymous , 06-03-2008

comandante rodriguez, eh? - hey comandante,

how'd you make commander if you don't even know that the real name of mexico is 'estados unidos mexicanos,' not Unidos Estado de Mexico. consider yourself demoted to private

muchos gracias,
presidente calderon

De 92007 , 10-01-2008

Now I know why I don't read these things... - Yeah, you guys are the care takers...what? And the wind blows all the time...huh? bla bla bla...I see a lot of the same people down there every year and I know you're not one of them.
I've been going down there for the last 15 years (in winter) and have caught the place with summer like weather and offshores, gnarly winter winds, no winds at all, crowded, not crowded...any kind of conditions you can think of. You can't sit there and say that it's always a certain way. Why don't you spend more time down there, then write your comments.
The Japanese didn't buy shit there. If anything they're looking at Rosalillita...and even that is unlikely. The government can't even get the port built. They started that thing soooo long ago.
Just enjoy the place and don't give up to much info on it. Let people explore themselves. Surf guides?...there's your problem. Explore yourself. Don't put up any fricken signs, which I took down by the way. Pack your trash, bring some clothes to the local church in know the little town before you get to the wall, not the Rosarito up north.

De Anonymous , 12-06-2007

bull - worst lie ive ever heard (see tard head below)

De Commandante Rodriguez Garcia Alacran , 07-06-2007

Official Mexican Government Announcement - Attention Gringo Surfers: As supreme commandante of the Mexican Navy I hereby decree that surfing is prohibited in the Punta Rosarito area. This area is commonly known as "The Wall" by low-life yonqui gringo surfers. The Punta Rosarito area has been purchased by a consortium of Japanese investors, and in partnership with the great Mexican goverment, plans are beiing finalized for a 5.6 billion four-star tourist resort. Construction for the breakwater and marina will commence July of this year. The three phase plan will include a marina, golf couse, and resort hotel, which are scheduled to be completed by 2010. Affective immediately, any person found surfing or possessing a surfboard within a 8 kilometer radius of the construction zone will be arrested, and all possessions, including automobile and surfboard will be confiscated.
Viva Mexico
Commandante Rodriguez Garcia Alacran
Unidos Estado de Mexico Navy and Tourism Office

De El Gringo kid , 15-05-2007

Not Club Med - Breaks in the winter during big northwest swells. Camp behind one of the rock walls. The wind howls 24 hours a day. It howls offshore from the East from 3am to 9:30 am and it howls from the NW the rest of the time, and it's a cold winter wind not a warm desert wind. It will shred your tent and tarp if not properly tied down. If it's flat you can go crazy staring at the dirt. It's desolate. No ice or towns around, so bring your own propane refrigeration, or else your food will go bad by the 2nd day and you'll be drinking warm beer. The wave is allright if everything comes together, but you really have to pay your dues to score it. Got it at a solid 8 feet a couple of years ago. Really fun! Avoid Thanksgiving and Christmas vacation, can get crowded.Don't show up with a 4 car caravan!! Two to three surfers per camp is proper etiquette. Keep your tent zipped and your feet up on something while sitting around the camp-fire, Scorpions are everywhere! Scorpions are under every 4th rock!Have fun.

De Anonymous , 21-01-2007

- i agree. that trash guy sounds like a 909 kook!

De Anonymous , 05-01-2007

your an idiot - of course you pick up your trash. you sound like the person i go to mexico to escape. an idiot who thinks he is god. Note to all, avoid bros, avoid the wall

De Anonymous , 30-12-2006

pick up your trash: avoid beatdowns - If you're trying to avoid beatdowns, then by all means pick up your trash. I've been bodyboarding at the wall for 7 years and surfing it for 2. I like to think of myself and my bro's as the caretakers of it. Its a beautiful spot and we need to keep it that way. If you see a guy riding a mach 7 and doing sick el rollos, then paddling in and coming back out with a merrick 7'2 fun board and pulling some massive off-the-tops, then you know its me.

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