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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Atlas de spots de surf fait par des surfeurs pour les surfeurs
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 San miguel

Mexico, Baja Norte

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De jaxon , 13-07-2011

Very long wave - I got one of the longest waves of my life at san miguel. Caught the right at the rivermouth and rode it to about that first house - then had to work the tail to keep it going around that corner, but then it jacked up again and just kept going and going, deep into the bay until the outcropping of rocks just before the freeway. According to google maps, that's about 2000 feet or 600+ yards (6+ football fields).

De bob davis , 01-12-2009

Day after thanksgiving surfed it firing - surfed San Miguel the day after thanksgiving 2009. the waves were really fun. it was about 4 to 6 feet or so on the faces. there where probably about 20 guys out in the morning surf. we paddled out and some clown local immediatly started talking shit to us, he goes "you gringos want some coffee and donuts out here" what the fuck does that even mean? typical san miguel local kook that can barely surf but thinks he should immediatly talk shit and judge people. Turns out I got tons of set waves and all kinds of inside waves and had a great session, thanks for talking shit dude and getting me fired up to paddle all over you dumb local ass, made my day. Anyway its still business as usuall at San Miguel. 5 or 6 local guys in the water and a few local girls still. One of the funny things is that the chicks almost surf as good as the guys now, both of whom suck. There was some local long boarder on a red white and blue longboard that ditched his board on a big set and snapped his leash, board into rocks and he was left swimming for a while, we laughed. Nobody wanted to help him get his board of the rocks because he was being such a dick, would you have been a cool person we would have saved your board for you dude, too bad you are a dick and you cant surf either,stink bug!!!! Keep it real at this place and dont let the locals intimdate you, I have been surfing this spot for 15 or so years, I have seen so called "locals" come and go. If you can surf and are a strong paddler you can take waves from these dicks. enjoy.

De Chuy , 06-04-2008

No come around gringo! - I am surfer of San Miguel and I have say for you now that when you come to here many people will become mads at you because this is lokal place! But American girls is the best because of blonde hair and also big chichis has pamela ANderson! Pearl Jam is number one Kelly Slater is best!

De Bienvenidos, Gringo , 22-03-2008

They call me "El Mojadito" - I had to laugh when I saw the directions to the spot at the top of this page. "Ask a local or get a map".

If you can't find this spot from the highway, you'd probably need to buy a map in Braille. Just look for the mash of fancy SUV's from the OC, and you found San Miguel. Duh.

De Anonymous , 18-12-2007

Hi they call me El Gringo - Hello hombres, I'm El Gringo. This will be my first time in Baja Mexico and I was curious. Are beginner surfers treated respectfully in Mexico. Because I'm not treated fairly at my spot Wind and Sea in Lajolla where I'm a local. Just asking?

De Anonymous , 29-11-2007

Boycott Baja - Beware! Northern Baja is unsafe! Crime has escalated recently in Baja. Traveling american surfers seem to be a favorite target. Well armed, organized groups of corrupt off duty police are preying on gringos. Robberies, carjackings, kidnappings, rapes and shakedowns. Now they are expanding crime spree to american retirees, sportsfishermen and Baja 1000 enthusiasts. See links- also

De Pinto Cup , 16-11-2007

I Have a Dream. - Every morning as I sit on my pit toilet and look at the waves through the hole in the cardboard door, I dream that one day I will be able the finally stand up and surf San Miguel like a real surfer. But for now I'll just ride this waterlogged boogie board that I stole from a gringo's campsite in the middle of the night.

De belle03 , 14-06-2007

The rumor says... - There is a rumor that San Miguel is going to become a marina. I heard it from someone who lives in San Miguel. It would be absolutley terrible to let this happen, but what can we do?? Any one know anythign about this?

De El Gringo Kid , 19-05-2007

Crowds - The best point break between Malibu and Scorpion Bay. (outside of Salsipuedes) and everyone knows about it. Needs a winter swell. Don't bother on weekends. Best to wait until the 2nd week of a consistent winter swell period when everyone else is surfed out. Try an off-day like Tuesday at about mid morning (10am) at a lower tide, when it's hazy and cold and only a few people will be on it. You have to time it just right, and if you do it's a session you'll never forget.

De , 28-11-2006

still not worth it - No, If I had a quality wave in my backyard I would understand that surfing with other people is part of being a surfer. If you want to hate on other people for comming to your spot then go find another spot wear you can surf alone and be bitter by yourself. Just because you live near a quality wave does not give you the right to be a D**K - the locals at san miguel do not understand what it means to be a surfer and obviously neither do you. Surfing is about sharing and having fun not screaming and yelling and dropping in on people because you think you "Own" a surf spot. Have fun surfing with the crowds at san miguel my friend because they will never go away and unless you find a better attitude and remeber why you started surfing in the first place you are destined to be bitter just like the san miguel locals for the rest of your life. Enjoy!

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