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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Atlas de spots de surf fait par des surfeurs pour les surfeurs
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 Punta cabras

Mexico, Baja Norte

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De , 15-08-2016

George - Yeah, the real punta cabras is south of the brake listed.

George is a harmless testament to Mexico's lack of social safety net. I gave George some pesos for wood, and all our extra food. He brought out a wheelbarrow load of wood, and a framed black and white of Dorothy from the wizard of oz. He told me that Dorothy was his daughter who had left for the United States, and he asked that I take the picture and see if I could find her. I took the picture. There is a bullet hole in it, right where Dorothy's heart would be. I didnt ask about that. Also George requested that the next gringos down please bring some magnets, to help him pick up metal bits (he has a strange wheel device that uses magnets). Any way, he's fine. I'm 5 ft 2 female, and he was nothing but courteous. He'd probably steal your shi*t if you were not watching it, but I dont think he'd hurt you.

De Anonymous , 30-07-2010

NO PUNTA CABRAS - The beach you are refering to is santacruz! I have been there for 30 years. puntacabras is just south of hear.

De Dr.Preroll , 21-01-2008

george is fine... - I spent a week with my wife and 17 month old kid at punta cabras..deadly spot. Great wave, nice local people and awesome muscles on the rocks. Anyhow this George guy is harmless. He hiked 1km home to grab a rake to rake away glass around our van so our kid didn't get cut. We bought firewood off him once and he kept us stocked the whole time...only charged us the once. He picks up all the garbage left behind by gringos and loads it all into a wheel barrel and takes it to his place to burn it. He took us to his casa over the hill and my wife took some cool shots of the property...Anyhow I'm sure the guy has a story,but he's sixty years old and is a spry old bugger. He played with my kid and was polite and nice, I wouldn't worry about him at all, plus he hates develoment. That pedro guy is all anout seeing the place turn into a tourist mecca..

De Anonymous , 14-12-2007

Gorge again - Me and my bro were talking last week about all the theft in baja norte recently and the killings and rapes. We started talking about punta cabras and he mentioned a guy named George. I said, "hey I heard about him, was he cool to you"? He said pretty much, "yes, I gave him some money for fire wood and we took a long drive at night, then we had to walk a way up a hill to a dark house, and I was scared. There was no one with me and I thought this guy might jump me. But we get to the house. Get some perfect fire wood and he helps me bring it to my camp, all for a beer. He ended up being cool and my friend has seen him about 6 times since, with no problems.

De Anonymous , 04-12-2007

boy cott baja norte - also Just check the links above to get a taste of what bad cops are doing to helpless tourists. Fuck Baja and their smell

De Anonymous , 28-11-2007

Punta Cabras - What-up everybody!? Hey, I surfed here about 7 years ago with a buddy, and the waves are pretty consistent and fun. Kinda similiar to Oceanside, Ca. quality-wise... What I do remember about the place was one afternoon surfing there, just the 2 of us, sitting there waiting for a wave, and we heard something 10 yards or so behind us. We both turned around just in time to see the tail end of a shark thrashing around, obviously making a kill of some kind. We got the f%#k outta there- STAT!! Keep your eyes peeled...

De jimswanny , 05-04-2007

gorge - my friends and i have been camping here for years and we have known gorge the whole time. he was a gang member in la, then went to prison for like 10 years. his uncle died and gave him that house and land. he is basically a nice guy but he is a speed freak. if you do hang out with him ask to see all his bullet holes and stab wounds. he is harmless but be careful with him, the cops hate him and might bust you for being with him.

De , 02-04-2007

george - george is not sophisticated enough to know anything about real estate
he's a notorious drug dealer in the area
we took this guy to the police after he showed up bloody in the middle of the night after probably falling off of his horse
avoid him.

De Oside Omar , 04-03-2007

more on George - That guy is a freak. He came up to us and started telling us they are selling lots at Cabras. He is the "leasing agent". My wife is Mexican and he started telling her she could be his representative and help sell lots to gringos in the states. He's a total scam. Beware. He wouldn't stop talking. He wouldn't shut up. I found it strange that after knowing us for a total of 2 minutes he was trying to create a partnership with us to sell lotes.

De Anonymous , 28-02-2007

Want more info. on George, anyone? - There is another post on here warning about George and now this one... I gave this guy a ride to town last time on my way out and about half way there I found out who he was. Needless to say with the posted warnings I began to get a little nervous and began looking around my truck for something to grab to protect myself if I had to. But things went fine, we talked a bit and I dropped him off at the market in town and that was that... Whats his deal? Does he try and rip off camps at night or something? Maybe he got caught and beat up by some campers. Thats my guess. Any other George tales out there?

BTW, Pedro is cool as fuck, but whats this guys deal?

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