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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Atlas de spots de surf fait par des surfeurs pour les surfeurs
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 Punta baja

Mexico, Baja Norte

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De bob , 22-06-2008

camped it for 2 days - hung out here for 2 days waiting to see if the NW that was in the water would show at this spot, it was breaking way on the top of the point but was a really weird looking wave, the inside was acutally breaking but really close to the cliffs and it looked sketchy, this spot is a %100 hit or miss type of place, must need tons of swell, went down the The Wall and it was overhead and fun

De Anonymous , 22-06-2007

Baja Expert - It is best to stay on the main highway and head South or stay at La Fonda. This stretch of coast has a tiny swell window and rarely gets good.Plus there heavy winds and the surf blows out easily. It is not worth the effort. There are way better and more consistant spots north in San Quintin. Plus once you head off of the main highway it is no mans land. Beware, it is extremely dangerous lots of baditos, cold, sharky, and bad surf everywhere.You have better luck of scoring good waves at home. There is little to no surf potential on this stretch of coastline. You may get lucky but my advice is to keep moving South or stay North.

De fkucu , 26-05-2006

ha - do your research and learn the swell windows. the road to PB is not all that bad. Expect a high skunk to score ratio. Like all points, it gets good, very good, just not very often.

De , 06-01-2006

longboardssuck - this spot is great for longboarding. Use the longboard to put under your tires when stuck in the mud or to ride the freezing waves. Fog blankets work great here for fresh water supply.Cuatros casas domos this poop.

De Chispas , 27-10-2005

Great trip (Punta Baja/Tombstones) - Just came back from a great trip to Punta Baja following a north swell. After a 6 hour trek from the USA boarder to El Rosario we were greeted by a friendly local stumbling out of a convenience store. He gave his welcoming gesture by vomiting more than his own weight on the ground. After we picked up our own beer we headed west down the dirt road to Punta Baja. After the first left at the fork we had little trouble getting there. Makeshift signs point you along the way. It’s definitely a daytime trip. I think it took about an hour to get there. The waves were pounding on the Northwest side of the point. We decided to hit Tombstones on the southeast bay side of the tip (there’s an actual tombstone about 1/2 mile back from the fishing village marking the turnoff). This was a great spot with lefts and rights breaking in front of a river mouth. Held up very well. Great for longboards.

De El Mero Mero , 16-10-2005

Go to Punta Baja - Dudes this place is EPIC ! Takes a huge swell and north winds , definatly the answer to your baja trips.............Bien provecho

De anonymous , 04-03-2005

dissapointed - I too was fooled by the map. Looked good on paper but not worth the drive.

De ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZigzzzzzzzz , 07-07-2004

that's the point - after going to all the trouble to get there, what is there to do but surf it? yea, it isn't a very good wave, and after all the trouble it takes to get there at least they could put up a noose so you could hang yourself. but at least we paddled out. thats more than i did at noosa head.

De anonymous , 17-05-2004

Don't bother. - This is one of those Mexican Points that look so inviting on a map, yet is very disappointing when you get there.
Getting there is an adventure in itself. The dirt road is first gear all the way if you're driving a manual transmission equipped vehicle. Better bring a kidney belt for the pounding.
The wave is boring as heck when it actually breaks, and the water and air are surprisingly cold.

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