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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Atlas de spots de surf fait par des surfeurs pour les surfeurs
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Mexico, Baja Norte

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De sandra scholz , 05-02-2010

- surk was epic last weekend. This site lists access through the army base, which doesnt exist. You can access the wave through the trailer park as well.

De Anonymous , 04-07-2009

- hi i remember surfing as a kid there everyday .the live bands at the cantina .the sunken fire pit . and tonys mom making fresh flour tortillas . cruising in tonys vw bus that was the life . hello to all from buck #38

De Anonymous , 06-11-2008


De Gramps , 06-07-2008

Poor ol' Popotla - it ain't the same break anymore. TONS of kelp kept the left ultra-glassy...kelp's gone. Lots of flies on the beach, sometimes maddening. Reef was unusual---not real hard-breaking, but sometimes had pretty good power. Not a lot of power in the lip, so you could crank a big-ass bottom turn, then crank an even bigger off-the-top. Those days are gone, and not just at Popotla; k-38's, Gavs, Salsi...Mexico is going the way of the Dodo bird.

De Mark , 12-05-2008

Popotla surf - Love the talk of Popotla.Brings back memories. Used to go from the mid 70's to the 90's. Our place was #13B. Loved surfing the north beach (the Barge) when there was sand all the way to the Big rock at low tide. I remember when the fishing village on the north beach was really small. Lots of fun on the north beach until '83 when all the sand got sucked out. The barge still broke but the section did not connect to the inside as well. The other break in the middle of the bay did not break as well after that. I remember huge crowds, volleyball, surfing and no campsites! The pier used to really be there on the south beach complete with lights and railings. The south beach was ok back then (fickle break) but became way more popular after the '83 storm. The bar/restauraunt was always hopping then with live band/dancing. The sunken fire pit in the restaurant was fun. The pool was always crappy. The basketball/ shuffle courts were actually decent. Great time at night walking to the bar or around the park with a beer and friends. Rosarito Beach Hotel or Calafia were the only things to do at night outside the park. Surfed there with cousins Rich, Dan, brother Erich and many friends. Good times!

De anonimous , 27-05-2006

looks fun!!! - i want crowd that place.telling everybody i know

De number 68 , 29-12-2005

- it's tyte to hear all you guys talking about popotla on this thing, i learned to surf there when i was little and have spent every summer there since, i'm from cali but moved to washington when i was 12 and since then popotla became my like gateway back to surfing. The place is not what it used to be i'll give you that, but it's still a good place to surf especially in the winter cause now days the summer can dissapoint, the people in the park arn't bad either, they are just a lil up, i miss livin there like crazy. any questions email me at

De orfila , 27-06-2005

wow - I grew up at this place. I was five for that storm that changed the break. I came home to Huntington to find the pier missing too. Good memories of this place... the first time I ever caught a wave body surfing when I was six years old. Wow. Amazing. The pier used to be long. I spent so much time hiking those tide pools and playing on the beach. I love popotla.

De anonymous , 05-06-2005

ciao popotla - Kelp beds gone, left doesn't break nearly as good as it did 10-15 years ago.

De , 05-05-2005

popotla - Hey Matt, whats your last name? I've been going to Popotla for 36 years, too bad its not like it used to be.Bar/restaurant closed and not many people. I saw Pennys parents last year and said all thier kids are doing great. The arch is still there. I talk to a lot of people that used to be there. There has been lots of theft and its from people sneaking into the park. No street lights so its dark at night. I still like to go down there but I sure miss the good times when lots of people were there. -Doug

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