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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Atlas de spots de surf fait par des surfeurs pour les surfeurs
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 Las salinas marina

Mexico, Baja Norte

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De Huntington Local , 16-06-2007

Bet Ya Didn't Know. - This is where Bradly Nowell and other members of Sublime owned trailers and surfed here in the 1980's. Big Don, Hippie Joe, Mike W and Scooter J were all there to witness a very magical period.

De Murf the surf , 15-06-2007

I guess "the good ole days" - I started surfing La Salina in 1983. We camped here every year until 1997. That's when our annual trips down south stopped. I guess we were really lucky because we "always" scored. It's open to all swells and really loves the combo. Sure it can get windy, but even windy it was pretty fun. Especially on a glasses off in the late afternoon. One of the best rides of my life (including my time on Oahu, Guam, Phillipines, Cal, was at the south end of the beach, prior the harbor. It was a massive day combo South and NW wind Swell. It was early afternoon, sunny, hot and glassey. The swell was hitting at 5-8 foot with larger sets. There was no one out at the south end. I paddeled out, extremely far this day. I was almost all the way out and a freak set hit. I was on vacation from Hawaii being stationed there for three years in the Coast Guard. I thought I was gonna make it and the hugh wall about a 18 foot face or bigger broke right in front of me. I bounced me so fucking hard I lost all my breath and came up gagging, only to find more walls a commin. To make a long story short, I washed up on the shore puking salt water as my friends made their way down the beach in my bros truck. They saw me laying on the shore hanging on my board and asked "are you coming in? It looks perfect". Well I got my breath and paddled back out and caught what whould be a perfect solid 8 foot back, super fast, lime green monster, that bowled all the way. I will never forget that session.

De Bob Dobalina , 25-02-2006

- I surfed this spot in December of 05 with a few buddies and it was during one of the strong NW swells that came through right before Christmas. It was around 4-6 feet. The tide was low going to mid with a strong rip on the inside which helped create some fast bowling rights. Overall, we got lucky cause we always check this spot on our way down south . If you do want to surf here make sure you make friends with some local residents and they might possibly let you park by their trailer. Most residents are weekend warriors from Southern California and they flock to Angels Camp on the weekends to relax. Please understand that you must respect the residents as this is a private community which is mostly unregulated. Other than that I spoke too much so good luck on your travels!

De jeffg , 15-02-2006

Rippen Surf - Got down Friday afternoon for the evening swell. Killer spot if you are stong enought to fight the current. Over all great spot and bar enjoyed hitting golf balls in the back of the Bar. Bring your own golf balls and a driver

De mez , 26-11-2005

This palce is sketchy, but fun. - My parents bought a lot there about four years ago, and we just recently started construction on the house. I've been down to the property about half a dozen times, and have surfed off the south jetty twice.
There's this fickle wedge wave that breaks on souths that gets hairy. It's a really quick horseshoe that doubles, and sometime triples up. I caught it so heavy one afternoon. I only managed to escape two or three of them, but even the ones I didn't make offered up beautiful views of the inside of these massive pits right before they would beat you relentlessly across the sandbar. A couple big ramps gave me a chance some ridiculous airs as well.
There's a definite sharky vibe to this place. You never really settle in and the water tends to be murky. Strong sideshore, and rip currents as well. Even though it's a beachbreak, don't hit it unless you know what you're doing.
BTW I'm a sponger, so that probably will explain why I really enjoy beachbreaks that act like shorebreaks.

De Bumbed out Baja traveler , 22-11-2005

!!!!!SHUT DOWN!!!!! - I have been surfing the South Side of the Harbor for a while now and the last two times I have been down here the guards have blocked us out. There is a new development going in and its guarded just like los gaviotas. You can still go on the north side but its not nearly as good!

De , 04-05-2005

Must have gotten lucky - I've been surfing this area for twenty years. The spots just up the way (la Fonada) are almost always better shaped and more consistent. I think the contour of the coast and the ravene at La fonda makes it off shore more frequently than the harbor area which is generaly blown out. I've checked the harbor for years and never seen it too great. Also, the water coming out the mouth is dirty from boaters dumping in the harbor. Last winter I saw a seal get mowed by somthing real big at the end of the north jetty (presumably a white) so I've kept clear of this area since.

De anonymous , 03-05-2005

truck got stolen here - Cars and trucks are routinely stolen from both the cantina and the camp. Thanksgiving of 2004 I was one of the unfortunate victims, I lost my suburban and ended up having keep making payments on it because my insurance paid out less than what I owed on the vehicle. Not worth the risk for such a so-so wave.

De Pete , 03-05-2005

Be Careful!!! - I have checked this spot at least a dozen times and have surfed it 7-8 times. It is very fickle. It's usually pretty mushy and tends to close out. I don't know why you'd call it a regional classic. Sharks have been known to feed off the mouth of the Marina enterence. Seams the seals like to hang out around the rocks and that attracts the sharks. Stay alert while in the water and don't surf alone. Parking here is also very sketchy. I have had my car broken into twice and my friend had his truck stolen. You'll find much better surf up the coast near La Fonda.

De anonymous , 03-05-2005

Always Blown Out - I used to have a house (trailer) in Angels Camp but gave it up because it is always blown out. The place sucks up wind. Not worth the hassle with the car concerns and the walk. Much better spots around.

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