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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Atlas de spots de surf fait par des surfeurs pour les surfeurs
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 Las gaviotas

Mexico, Baja Norte

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De , 07-07-2005

So-so wave..... - Just returned from Gaviotas, and wasn't too impressed.The line-up looked like San'O, w/too many boards and kooks that can't surf (wave hoppin').Im over this place, since it's not at all a challenge or a peaceful place anymore. Plus, the rent there is outrageous! Save your $200 (not pesos) per night, and drive south a bit... THIS IS NOT WHAT BAJA IS ALL ABOUT... Peace, Dan

De daveinlb , 08-06-2005

Notes - Hey, hit the spot June 5 and 6. This is good place with a south swell. There was an early AM eddy issue on Sun the 5th, but it cleared up in the afternoon. When it's good I would say it was great for both long and shortboarders.

De anonymous , 09-04-2005

- yeah you can always count on that coastline between Tijuana and Ensenada for ocean cleanlyness. Get a clue dude.

De SIckCuzOfDaPoopPipe , 01-04-2005

Beware OF The Poop-Pipe - I got sick after surfing this place in January. It was a couple of days after a rain, and the poop pipe was gushing nice big terds into Mother Ocean for us to surf in. I've had a gnarly sinus infection ever since. One of the homeowners down there said that they've had a problem with their sewage, and it spills directly (untreated) into the ocean. He showed me the poop-pipe, that's located just south of the pool area a few feet below the cliff- NICE! If I want shitty water, I'll stay in San Diego,,,,thank u very much!!

De ed- , 01-04-2005

Longboar Kook Haven - This place is way too slow and sloppy for a shortboarder, or a longboarder who desires any type of challenging surf. The wave here is slow, mushy, and packs little to no punch at all. Plus, way to crowded with kooks who pay no attention to surf edequate. Way too crowded for paying big bucks for a rental in Mexico. K-38 smokes this place on surf and vibe. Or, check out La Fonda for a more wide open surfing area.

De , 01-04-2005

Sharks!! - Hi,
Yes, there have been a lot of shark sightings this winter down in the area of Las Gaviotas. I fish out in the Bahia de Descansa, and I personally have seen Great Whites on several different ocassions. I have seen more and more sea lions too, and the local pescadores have reconfirmed the same. My friend who lives above Raul's (approximately 1 mile south of Las Gaviotas), has found numerous sea lion carcasses that have been chewed/bitten on by sharks. SO, IT IS REAL, AND HAPPENING!! Just be careful.. It's only a matter of time before one of us humans becomes the next snack...

De , 29-03-2005

ShArKs! - Me too.. Seen a few dead sea lions, w/huge gashes in their bellies. Getting worse, for some reason.

Matt Summers

De anonymous , 22-03-2005

- Friend of mine has been surfing down there for over 30 years. No sharks seen.

De Carlos Perez , 02-03-2005

Re: Sharks - Yes!! I've seen dead sea lions washed up on shore there on several different occassions. Each time, the sea lion had mouth gashes to the torso area. Not too comforting, especially lately!! For whatever reason(s), lots of shark sightings in the area from Gaviotas, to Puerto Nuevo. Ask the local fishermen, and they will enlighten you. I've spoken w/several of them (the lobster fishermen), and they've confirmed that there alot more sharks in the area. They all agree that it is because the sea lion population has ascended closer to shore, thus many more sharks in the H20... Be Careful down there... NO MEDICAL HELP IS AVAILABLE!!!
Carlos Perez

De matt , 21-02-2005

gavis - i always wondered about the sharkiness of gaviotas. i've surfed there twice now (the first time i got the 2nd-biggest waves of my life) and i know that the rock that sticks up about 2 miles offshore is a sea lion colony.

while i was there this last spring, some old dude with a paddleboard went out to the rock all alone to explore and kill some time on a flat afternoon, and he came back saying not to go out there. he said there were lots of sea lions out there, and that he got a really bad vibe from the area.

anyway, i like gavis because the waves are good and there are always cool dudes and cute chicks to hang out with. hint: go down to the hot tub after dark. ;-) also, Taco Surf and Calafia have, respectively, the best tortas and ceviche on the planet.

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