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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Atlas de spots de surf fait par des surfeurs pour les surfeurs
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 Harry s

Mexico, Baja Norte

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De Peter , 01-09-2010

Hmmm... - I don't think we can get all hateful towards corporations for destroying our favorite spots and at the same time be Americans. America is and has been run by corps for quite some time now. Our lives revolve around them. From buying medicine from chains like Save-On and which was made by giant pharmaceutical companies and then returning home to our freshly stocked fridge full of groceries bought from a large grocery store chain- we are all in bondage to these places. To wine about destruction to the environment in areas that are relevant to us and then turn around support companies that endorse and commit just as atrocious environmental acts that we deem less relevant is not only hypocritical, it's completely ignorant. The real solution to not only saving surfing spots, but this entire country, is to rebuild our entire way of living. We need to break up the corporate monopolies, push for cleaner and better technology, and reinvest our interest in small business. This will mean sacrificing certain conveniences we have grown accustomed to and paying higher prices, but will inevitably help save our environment and this country. We need to stop this selfish one sided form of environmentalism which is a response to only a minor symptom of a much deadlier disease. This is much bigger than surf spots.

De Jason Murray , 08-02-2007

Please end the ignorance - For those of you who don't feel the LNG terminal at the spot formerly known as Harry's doesn't affect you, take a look at the coastline as you drive north from Ensenada and tell me that the view and coast hasn't changed for the worse? Now imagine that same scene playing out in your own backyard. Not that pretty. More LNG are planned up and down the coastlines of USA and Mexico so wake up and smell the coffee. Next time, it could be your spot or beach that is being threatened.

In regards to those of you that felt we were selfish in our keeping the spot secret, SEMPRA had plans to develop this coastline long before any of us took of on our first wave there. We did not know about the development until their ball had been rolling for over 10 years. By that time, the momentum, power and money dedicated to making this LNG plant a reality for SEMPRA / Shell was too much to overcome. It is difficult to fight the amount of corruption, political strength and legal expertise they had on their side. Had we known about their plans 20 years ago, maybe we could have done something, maybe not.

The lesson is be proactive as soon as you can be and we were. Unfortunately, it was too little too late but had nothing to do with our selfishishness of keeping the wave for our own enjoyment only.

Thanks for listening and thanks to all those who fought the good fight.

De anonymous , 30-10-2006

eys - bro u guys need 2 wake up!

De Vicente , 29-05-2006

Who's the real *Greedy Bastards* - The folks who were so determined to keep this spot secret for long, and not share it with ths surfing world (talk about greed) start whining and pleading to the surfing community to save their spot in the 11th hour. Too late, greedy bastards - nobody cares because you didn't let anybody else share enough to care. Look in themirror and you'll have your answer of why your spot dissappeared. One more thing - did you walk or ride your bike to this spot? If neither, then don't lay the corporate oil refinery greed line on me, because you need that oil to drive to your little secret spot now destroyed. You are the machine, dumb-ass, so accept the consequences...

De anonymous , 28-05-2006

- Like everyone, I heard this spot was killed when a jetty was built. If so, why is there a photo with one of the Long brothers getting tubed with what appears to be a jetty behind it?

De Your Mother Ocean. , 12-09-2005


De Vicente Fox - Presidente Mexicana , 13-08-2005

yo no tengo tiempo para ti - If a wave breaks but no one's there to ride it, that wave doesn't exist. Maybe the stupid locals should have exposed the wave earlier. I mean, c'mon, who do you think is gonna win, a huge oil company determined to have new, cost efficient terminals closer to the 30 million people in need of gas, or 5 "surfers" who ride a wave? Bottom line is no one cared about this spot forever. We all drove right by it, not even aware there was a spot. I don't know about you but my life will not change for the worse. I have lost zero. Maybe I've actually gained cuz energy prices for LNG will come down a little. Also, this ain't your country anyway. Let mexico develop how they choose. They're only trying to improve their way of life. Oh and don't give me this "corporate fascism" crap.... Yes they are big corporations who don't care about MEX, but they are contributing $ to Mex and that $ will filter down to the people and give them JOBS. Corporations + JOBS. Try having no job and see how you feel.

De Nate , 12-08-2005

Poor Harry's - Too bad. If locals would've shared this spot a little earlier, more people would've surfed/appreciated it and the protest could've been 10x it's size. Sometimes keeping a spot secret for years on end can screw everyone. If a spot is at risk (even a hint of it), you have to go global with it, kids.

De anonymous , 10-08-2005


De Murf , 10-08-2005

Please rot in hell - I pray all who were involved with the destruction of this pristine coastline "rot in HELL". Your aliens from another planet destroying mother earth. Rot greedy bastards, ROT.

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