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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Atlas de spots de surf fait par des surfeurs pour les surfeurs
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 Baja Norte


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De WHAT'S UP? , 11-06-2006

web master - i submited a new spot with killer pictures but you didn't post it. what's up is it because i didn't give directions? because if it is that will never happen!

De pukita , 04-05-2006

response to "hore house" - By your grammer and spelling I can tell you're an idiot. I hope you "double-bag" it because you would do the world a serious injustice by procreating with a WHORE. Although; you are right about ADELITAS being great. I hope you surf better than you write or else you deserve to die for being totally worthless.

De anonymous , 12-03-2006

hore house - any time you surf in mexico make sure you check out adoletus it is the best hore house ever. just remember to double bag it

De R&R high school , 01-12-2005

out of the loop - the majority of northern baja is cccoolllddd water . your water temp chart shows some months at 72 degrees. maybe right by the border it could be .no matter if its summer be sure to bring a full suit with you just in case,you'll probably need it . Ive been at cuatros casas many summers when the water was in the upper fifties to very low sixties

De anonymous , 21-09-2005

response to garrry - Hey brutha I'm from Brownsville, tx, but have been living in san diego for about six years. Los Cabos has it's share of good spots, check out surfline's baja sur maps and you should find out everything you need. Adios.

De Garrrry , 14-09-2005

lsjdfl;k - Hey i just took a trip to cabo san lucas surfed costa azul and all that good stuff but maybe i could find somethin alittle more challenging. while in cabo we bought a condo so i want to no if there anre any other good places up north in drivable distances???? But i am from the texas coast so i dontwant like a double overhead monster i just want somethin i can get off a long board and hop on shorty and can hit a sweet barrell so if any one knows any good spots holla back

De Jake , 29-03-2005

Boards for a trip to Baja Norte - We're planning a trip to Baja Norte for a couple weeks in May/June, driving down from Colorado. We don't have boards and would like some advice on getting some for the period. Is it possible to get a long term rental, or we could buy some at the beginning and sell them on the way back. We could hit up a shop or whatever in California on the way down, or is our best bet to look in Mexico?


De Super-cool dude , 13-03-2005

keep your eyes open - Your in luck. If you are wondering how to "find" surfspots along the coast between Ensenada and the Mex/USA border, your in luck. There's this road called highway one that runs right along the coast. Watch for other cool dudes like me with lots of stickers and ripper flare. That's the spot. Wear a leash if you can't swim. Don't surf if you can't swim. Bring all your friends with you so if someone tries to beat you up, you can all run and hide together.
Keep your eyes open and mouth closed.

De In So Cal , 18-02-2005

Summer trip - A few friends and I plan on taking a trip this summer. We are going to hit up spots from Tijuana region down to Ensenada. Any info would be awesome and about how much time is enough to suf and enjoy ourselves??? Oh and we're driving..

De anonymous , 11-12-2004

Shitty Locals - The locals here are pieces of crap. You have these white trash, alcoholic losers who live out of their crappy RV claiming to be locals and barking at everyone in the line up. God forbid you have position on one of these Kooks (really these guys suck) and they will throw rocks @ you. This place needs to be cleaned up. Everyone do yourselves a favor and next time you go down kick the shit out of one of these guys if they mouth off. I figure if it happens enough they might learn some manners

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