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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Atlas de spots de surf fait par des surfeurs pour les surfeurs
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 Costa Rica

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De anonymous , 14-09-2005

Surf Trip November - Hello! i´m going to spend 3 weeks in CR next November. How are the waves in that period? What´s the best part of the country? North Pacific? Would i expect some waves in Caribean Sea?

De Marc fromFrance , 10-09-2005

trip in november & december - HI,
I'd like to go to surf in costa rica 3 weeks in november or december. It seems not to be the best period for the waves. Can someone tell me if it is really flat? 1m50-2m glassy is enough for me. What is your opinion?

De , 10-09-2005

CR Surf Trip Sept. 17 - Sept 24 - To all my soon to be tico friends and those who know costa well. I'm planning a one week surf trip to tamarindo from sept. 17 - 24th. How wave the waves been? Some reports predicting that a good swell should be hitting costa pretty soon. I'm flying into Liberia, renting a car, and staying at the Best Western for the first 2 nights.

However, I want to travel to find some better spots without the crowds. Any suggestions? I've heard Playa Grande can get crowded. What about travelling south to Playa Negra, Maravella, or Nosara, or even further south if its worth it? Where is Mal Pais? I'm looking some good rights rights.

I also want to hit up Witch's and Olies. Is driving there worth it to check the waves first, or should I just check the swell report and hire a boat taxi? Are there any locals out there that would be willing to meet up with us and show us around a bit and take us to some empty spots? Imperials on me all night. I'm travelling with two of my buddies, all out of San Diego, California, real mellow, just looking to get the most surf out of a one week trip.

Drop me a line and let me know. Thanks.


De , 08-08-2005

Help!Surfing for (advanced) beginners in Costa Rica... - Hello!

I would like (may be with two other friends) to go for a surf trip to Costa Rica next year for about 2 months somewhere between July, August and the end of September but there a lot of points where I don´t have yet any information.

Maybe you could give me some answers on my following questions. I would be really glad:-)...

Are there spots for let´s say "advanced beginners" with unocuous beach breakes.
(my surf-experience: two weeks surfcourse at Sagres/Portugal and a two weeks surf trip through Portugal, i´m able to take off in a "small" green wave with a longboard, but now i have a 6´10 and it causes still problems.)
Do you know any cheap and good oppurtunity to take a surf-course during the first week to refresh my surfing ability? (last time I went surfing is going to be about two years ago)
What kind of budget do you need for the daily-life (food, accomaodation)??? I don´t need a hotel...
To get around, do you need a 4wheel drive or is possible to take a bus or to rent a cheap car???
Is it dangerous to travel through Costa Rica? because of crime...
Is it a problem not to be able to speak Spanish???
How is the weather during July, August and September???
Is there any area you would commend to stay/disadvise to stay???
I know these are many question but I would be really glad if you could give me information on some of them. You can answer me directly on my email adress.

Many thanks in adavance!


De anonymous , 03-08-2005

- Bus's always run,rain season or not) you can't leave the people stranded! If you look/ you should find a private room for $10 night Maybe with a bathroom but do not count on it. Maybe cheaper but it will be dank and dark. Costa Rica is not cheap! compared to other surf countries it is at least $8 night for the cheapest but you cannot find this every where/ no matter how remote the city is. Sometimes the farther away, the more expensive.Moretimes not. Good, used, removable fcs fins, maybe a few dings, shortboards cost $150/180. Shop around! Not all locals like foreigners. Don't fuck with buying houses. Costa Rica reminds me of Hawaii before they hated the rich investors but the anger is coming on!
Respect and hopefully you'll be respected.

De Me , 13-07-2005

- I've travelled all over the country and have never been robbed. I'm not saying it doesn't happen, I just think it happens a lot more to idiots with no common sense. The Tico's have been wonderful to me and my friends everytime we have been there. If you keep getting harrassed by the locals, maybe they aren't the problem...

Maybe Disney Land will be a better destination for you next time!

De g-man , 29-06-2005

Help on Rainy Season - i'm planning a late-August/early September trip to Tamarindo area and wondering what the water quality is like during this rainy season (for both health and aesthetic reasons), especially since most of the breaks are rivermouths. i'm comfortable with nightly rains but not with murky, brown, unsanitary water.

De dschürgen , 26-06-2005

wet season! - I´m planning a surftrip to Costa Rica end of August and the first twoe weeks in September; I want to know is the rain really a big problem for travelling around?, I mean closed roads and so on...

De skinnerationX , 21-06-2005

coming to costa rica - howdy campers,

myself and two friends from sunny ye old england will shortly be travelling to costa rica for the summer, well early july till late september? the three of us are very kean and experianced BB's and are all stoked to be going to such a beautiful country for a good amount of time.

we were wondering if anyone has any releavent,local or inside infomation on accomendation (cheap but good), transport (cheap safe and reliable) and where are the best places to go for surf (hell yeah) and night life (fuck yeah, like a rock star). i know your thinking get a travel guide jackass but i feel it is always better to get told from the horses mouth. my e-mail address is any infomation would be very helpful. cheers JAI:)

De Canadian eh , 18-06-2005

response to weather ??'S - July is considered "rainy season" but it doesn't rain that often. when it does, its almost always in the evenings and its super warm rain. Its probably nicer in the rainy season because its not so dry and hot.

Mal Pais is great waves for an intermediate plus surfer. Hermosa is always fun and Dominical is great too.

have fun.

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