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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Atlas de spots de surf fait par des surfeurs pour les surfeurs
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 Costa Rica

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De , 06-10-2003 - This is Miso an avid wakeboarder, snowboarder. I am making a trip to Costa Rica for a wedding in April. I am taking a little extra time out to go early and spend a week surfing, I wanna learn badly, I'm yet to try. Can anyone tell me where to go to learn in CR? I need rentals and all that and fairly inexpensive accomodations. any help would be greatly appreciated, and a place away from the crocs I read about..... cheers!!!

De , 02-10-2003

Ride On! - Me and my friend will be ariving in Costa Rica on the 11th December at about 9pm. Just wondering if anyone knows of any cheap and decent places to stay fairly near San Jose! Cheers for any help.

De anonymous , 21-09-2003

Be careful where you surf - I'm a Costa Rica surfer. I was writing to inform tourists that in some rivermouth brakes there are crocodiles. These crocodiles are fresh water crocodiles but they have a special gland in their mouths that allows them to swim and live in salt water environments. I have seen them up close and sometimes they will show up in the lineup looking for some tasty surf dudes. These rivermouths include: Tulin, Roca Bruja, Boca Barranca, Tivivies, and Tamarindo. Keep your eyes open for them. They are VERY big crocs!!! My friends and I were surfing the Roca Bruja rivermouth and as I was riding a wave I saw a 10ft croc cruising the lineup!

De , 08-09-2003

san jose sept9th 515 pm - anyone arriving in san jose at that time wanna share ride to jaco/dominical area?im staying at hotel del ray on the 9th and would like to leave for the coast on the 10th.thanks and pura vida

De My name is Nataly - , 28-08-2003

Quiero ir a surfiar alla!!!!!!!!!! - Nos gustaria poder viajar alla a surfiar y a vivir, pero se nos hace dificil porque aca en Argentina trabajamos para poder sobrevivir y no vivir diganmente; queriamos saber si algunos de ustedes se podian comunicar con nosotros y tratar de conseguirnos un trabajo o los pasajes y despues alla trabajaremos para pagarcelos y estaremos muy agradecidos por hacernos ese favor porque ademos estamos esperando un bebe y queremos que este viviendo en un lugar de paz y bello como aquel.
Desde ya muchas gracias.

De anonymous , 21-08-2003

rainy season - Im here in costa rica now and I havent seen sunshine for weeks........ what a load of shite! John

De anonymous , 12-08-2003

rainy season - I went to costa rica during the rainy season and it rained every night but it was more like a sprinkle. It is not bad at all and the rain makes the scenery very beutiful and lush. During the day it hardly ever rained maybe a couple times.

De Zigz , 08-08-2003

Rio Claro and Gladice's - We were surfing these points before you parents were born, and now they are the normal surf destinations. We used to ride waves and have the local indians come down out of the hills and bless us. I learned to switch stance here and got tucked into barrels that you couldn't see out of cuz' the reef put such a bend in the swell. There were no restaraunts, no camps, and no grocery stores. And believe me at 18 years old and surfing all day, we got hungry. To try to catch something to eat we sent Andy Lameroux out with a pork shank one of the farmers gave us tied to his leash[we made our first leashes from bungee cord and leather strips] and sent him out from the 'schoolhouse' corner to paddle across and down around the corner at the 'cullo' to try and catch a shark so we could eat it.
We surfed all over the country, but the only history is if you ask the locals at Tamarindo where Peter Pleskunas would kneeboard by himself for months alone cuz' we were all back up in San Diego. We did run into some Texans three years later on the east side, but we had Rio Claro alone for years thanks to Gladice and Munchin who had the ranch at Pavones, who let us stay in their rice shack. The era drew to a close when Danny Mack flew over with a Cessna loaded with drug proceeds, landed and bought up most of the peninsula. Kooks showed up thereafter. Danny ended up in prison in Mexico, where the jailkeepers bled him for his wealth to keep him alive, and them in cigarettes and ice cold beers.
So the next time some guy gives you vibes in the water at Pavones, ask him if he knows Cachorro, or Chabo, or Don Jugo. If he does then you know he's a real local, and not a wannabe, because those men were the family men of the peninsula in the late sixties and early seventies.
Aloha, mahalo, y adios vatos.

De jmal , 04-08-2003

Costa rica in december - I'm going to tamarindo from december 25-1/4 how big and consistent are the swells at that time of year?

De john , 26-07-2003

september - hoping to visit jaco for the 1st week in september.appears to be the rainy season & wondered if anyone can tell me just how bad the weather is as i'm coming from the uk.does it rain all day?

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