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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Atlas de spots de surf fait par des surfeurs pour les surfeurs
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 Mal pais

Costa Rica, Guanacaste

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De surfinghans , 11-02-2012

Constantly closeout - I have been in Mal pais in March 2011 and my firend was there in Mai 2010. You get nice sized waves nearly every day, but they close out constantly. If your a lightweight tico of 50kg, you can take of earlier and you might get a little "ride". If you're not, you just get closeouts. Beautiful place, nice people and vibe, but the waves....

De Anonymous , 25-06-2010

wind??? - does it get windy enough in Mal Pais to kiteboard? whats up with the wind the in general down there? thanks

De ivans , 06-11-2008

Need some help - I'm travelling to Costa Rica in February and i need some help to plan my trip, anyone who want to help me please write me an email.

Thank you very much.


De Anonymous , 16-10-2008

Weather in November - Hi, bringing my girlfrient to Mal Pais in early November. How much rain is there?? She's a surf novice so a bit concerned...

De William , 22-09-2008

Some Info - the place: this area is the tip of the Nicoya Peninsula, Puntarenas; dry tropical forest, slow growing development. Bad roads but easy to get in dry season, in the rainy season the dirty roads become heavy mud. needs 4x4.
Waves: one of the most consistent areas in whole Costa Rica. World class waves, a lot of different waves and levels: sandy bottom pumpin' beach breaks, reefs and point breaks. almost every day- all year around surf!!!!
Malpais: have pointbreaks that works with big south swells. left handlers. a small sandy beach with some good peaks lefts and rights. Not crowded. bottom: reef, Swells: north-northwest, but better with big south swells. Feet:4-10
Playa El Carmen: good rights and lefts, better for beginners. more crowded than the rest of the area. the wave isn't hollow, but have good and juicy rides, a lot off locals surf here. bottom: sand with some rocks. Swells: north- northwest. Feet:2-8.
Santa Teresa beach: the best spot in the area. rights and lefts, famous for it's perfect peaks. good barrels with low tide the wave is fast and hollow. Bottom:sand with rocks, at the north end of the beach there's a good right handler point break named "suck rock" perfect with big north swells and offshore. when Santa Teresa beach gets huge; move to the malpais area, some spots start to work! Swells: North- Northwest. Feet: 2-18. the locals rips, show respect to them, good vibes and they will be cool all the time.
Manzanillo: (playa hermosa area)Very good peaks along the beach, perfect with offshore winds. Swells: north-northwest. less crowded. bottom: reef, sand and rocks. Feet:2-8
the Malpais area have all accomodations, shops, bank, ATM, drugstore, cheap cabinas, luxury resorts, good international food, excellent and cheap Tico-restaurants (sodas) camping area. friendly life style, and good bars and some parties during the week. Direct Bus service from San José three times everyday.
The people: The Local Ticos are friendy and helpfull. There's a lot of foreing landowners. Too much Israelies. This area have a mix of diferent cultures... tico, Italian, German, Gringo, Argentinian, New Zeland... everyone giving a little bit of their culture to the place. there's is a lot of nicaraguan construction workers too.
In general the place is quiet and slow; the people are friendly. avoid drug dealers, do not walk late at night the beach, keep your stuff safe. Don't let cameras, mp3's players or bags on the beach. let your wallet in the hotel!! be smart, girls: don't date with some locals(drug dealers) not all of them are bad at all. Is not like Tamarindo...but i think every place in the world have some badass airheads and thieves.
Don't let visible stuff in the car while you are surfing; BE SMART!!!! humble and friendly and everything will be allright. enjoy the trippy sunsets, the trees and the pura vida vibes of this magic place...
I hope this info will be helpfull. if you want to check the surf: have a daily report of the waves and tide. with daily pics in different spots.
good vibes & good waves!

De Anonymous , 23-05-2008

have a question - Who knows where we can stay for a honeymoon/surfing vacation...we are willing to roughit!

De Anonymous , 04-04-2008

check this page it may help -

De Davis Jolley , 25-03-2008

mal pias - hey wats goin to mal pais is about a week and i have heard that there is no atm and that credit cards are not taken i do i just need to bring a bunch of cash?..and how is the surf?

De Anonymous , 11-03-2008

Information Cabinas Zeneida - Hello, this week I am going to St. Teresa of Cobano, in Costa Rica, I need information on Zeneida booths, and also photos, favosr communicate with me, thanks.

De Anonymous , 11-03-2008

Cabinas Zeneida - Hello, this week I am going to St. Teresa of Cobano, in Costa Rica, I need information on Zeneida booths, and also photos, favosr communicate with me, thanks.

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