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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Atlas de spots de surf fait par des surfeurs pour les surfeurs
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De popper , 25-12-2011

waves - whens the best time to come to surf?

De Polosurf , 20-11-2011

January surf - Hey hey - visiting Aruba in Jan. Wondering what then conditions will be like then. Hoping to find a nice left near the north side of the island. Any help would be appreciated?

De Anonymous , 20-05-2009

yo - hey man you should go to wariruri to surf(right next to the goldmine). or dos playa also. you should check out some locals to help you with the spots. dos playa is sand but almost all the others are reef/rock

De jhbald , 15-04-2009

decent spots for intermediate surfers? - Coming to Aruba in June/July and looking for some good places to surf without risk of poundage on reefs/rocks. We plan on renting a Jeep. Any ideas?

De Anonymous , 11-03-2009

It is worth it. - It is worth bringing your shortboard but swells are very inconsistent on the western side of the island (where the Marriott is). Even when the swell is up, my opinion is that most of the waves are mushy and not very hollow. It's a huge surprise because you are dealing with offshore winds on reef bottoms. Mostly mellow waves. I have a pintail thruster and a funboard and I end up using the funboard a lot more. Arashi can produce a nice left at low tide and a nice right at high tide but again, it's mello. Right down from the Marriott past the ship is a nice right that can connect for >200 yards if swell direction is right. Bring your booties as getting out of the water can be a bitch on your feet.

De Anonymous , 15-02-2009

Is it worth bringing my shortboard? looking for local or those exprerienced knowledge. - i have looked at the spots and pictures... looks pretty dope. im going to the marriot from april 5th to the 11th this year. is it worth it to bring my board that time of year? -thanks

De Jeff , 03-12-2008

DECEMBER 20-27 - Going to aruba from DEC 20-27 2008, experienced surfer looking for people to surf with and/or a guide and a board to rent. Email me.

De Continentalsurfer21 , 21-08-2008

4wd necessary? -
Are these spots on the east side of the island only accessible with a 4 x 4 vehicle? I was just in Aruba and noticed that the sand was very compact, almost solid and I have a small SUV without 4 x 4. What'cha think

De Anonymous , 12-03-2008

- please advise for surfing, board rental for the week after Easter, hoping to get some waves during spring break

De Missy W. , 15-01-2008

ARUBA BOUND! - my husband and I are coming down to ARUBA june 7-14th and are interested in surfing. We live in the midwest of USA and have never surfed before. We didn't know if there was anywhere where we could rent surfboards down in aruba. If someone could let us know-we'd sure be greatful! thanks!

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