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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Atlas de spots de surf fait par des surfeurs pour les surfeurs
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 Samoa Western

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De The other old Goat ! , 08-06-2005

Shark soup - Mr Shark, sounds like you been told, I wouldn't give a name or e-mail address to Keith if you have any sense!
But I have to agree with you the food is average there but the place is great, Keith is a good host and I reckon you would be craxy not to stay there with him when your at Savii, his local knowledge is priceless! The old goat can surf too!
I will be there next year myself, the place is one of the few left in the world that is uncrowded and worth the money!
Keith is right about the school funds also, he isn't there just to make money! he is there because he loves the place and the people.
His resort is clean safe and fun,well worth the money.

De anonymous , 03-06-2005

any spots to surf - hi all i am going to be staying at saleapaga for about a month, any good reef breaks anyone one wants to give up within about a 10-15k pushy ride would be apreciated.

De Kiwi Pete , 22-04-2005

To a "friend" of teh Samoan people - Time to come down off your high horse. Why would you think i would put the Samoan people down? I lived there for over two years and visit each year. I speak fluent Samoan and are well respected and known on the island- everytime i visit i am greated with fine mats and gifts and even have children named after me in certain villages.
I respect the Samoan people more than many and know also that it is they who give guests who visit Samoa a great time along with the epic waves. Fact is- in small villages to run a successful resort you need someone with skill in running resorts. Another fact- there are bugger all locals in small villages who are trained to do such a thing. So "friend of the Samoan people"... i am stating a fact- and not at all putting down the Samoan people.

De anonymous , 14-04-2005

Any waves Lately? - Going over for a couple of weeks mid may, any resent surf reports, would like to hear from someone about the best place to hang out relax and surf, is there any waves over there that are not full on , bringing a friend that is an average surfer.
Is this a good time to go also?

De aloha , 13-04-2005

have fun - To the last message: You will have a great time. Bring a surfer travel report. Lots of uncrowded waves similar in quality to the ones featured on both islands. Bring extra boards. The surf is as powerful as anywhere you'll ever paddle out.

De anonymous , 12-04-2005

where to go - hay if your looking to go to samoa and you actual want to surf and not drive around for hours. Go to Salani Surf Resort.
don't listen to any of the kooks that are saying go on your own or the resorts are good. I have been going to Samoa for seven years most of the people on this web site are aussies who went for one week and think they know what they are talking about. Samoa is alot more complicated then you guys think. figuring out the surfg scene there can't be done in a week, not even a year. If you want surf go to salani where they have been getting people into waves for many years.
The only thing is you should go for two weeks at least becasue the winds are somwhat fickle. You can get skunked for days at a time but when the wind is on the surf is unreal!!!!
good luck, hope you score. May is sort of a windy time but can get epic.
Best time to go is jan or end of december.

De sno , 11-04-2005

going in may 05 - 14 days in may 3 blokes. any info about anything and everything in samoa

De anonymous , 08-04-2005

Shallow Reefs Cont. - Yes the reefs are shallow, the inside at most spots is about arms length deep or slight deeper. But some spots if you go over, you'll definitely hit the bottom and get cut up. Especially the Salani Left, no channel there.

De Palagi surfer , 08-04-2005

The problem is shallow reefs! - Being a good swimmer will definitely help as will experience surfing in big waves, but the problem in Samoa is that you are typically surfing over very shallow and sharp coral reefs. Easy to get hurt badly if you do not know what you are doing or are inexperienced in such conditions.

De taria , 05-04-2005

surfing with the kids - Anyone had experience surfing with grommets in Samoa? I've got 2 (10 & 13) - 13 year old pretty good in big waves, ironman, swimmer......should we leave his board at home?

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