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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Atlas de spots de surf fait par des surfeurs pour les surfeurs
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De , 20-03-2003

bad luck, hope it is better when i go. - I am going in 6 weeks or so, and from the online reports i have read Fiji sounds pretty lame for surfing.. I can't believe some Yanks own it when it is water/reef...Scam.
Anyway i too want to know if i can camp or live in some locals place for a week. Send me an email if you know anyone or anything i might want to consider b4 going..thnaks!
PS) Dee Why point does rip! it is great eh.. Pity the water is so cold most of the year.. And yeah i agree about Indo too, WIKED surf at Ulawatu and sanur reef (i think they are right names)
Anyway when did you go mate? What time of the year was it?
I am going mid May...
Sounds like it is commercial in fiji? BAli was too tho, and still can find great places to stay and cheap boat rides and taxis etc..
I'll find out for myself soon i guess...

De Dee Why Point surfer , 16-02-2003

Fiji - Hoax - Just returned from 2 weeks in fiji, half on the Coral Coast, half out at Plantation Island. Im sure Fiji has its days but when I was there the surfing was nothing short of disappointing.

i have been sufing for 25 years, done numerous trips to indo etc, live next to the beach in Sydney and surf Dee Why and Narrabeen as my locals. So much for the cred.

Coral coast was blown out side shore, expensive to check via car rental and taxis. Surfed Sigatoka rivermouth at 4-5 ft average rights. Do you know Sigatoka sewage treatment plant discharges into the river a km away from the break?

Plantation Island is a scam.$40 gets you a boat ride out to Namoto lefts, Wilkes or Swimming Pools. To surf Namoto lefts you have to sign a waiver at the Namoto resort saying you will not paddle inside, drop in or hassle the guests staying there!!! The resort has the say whether you surf or not - a joke. The wave when small is lame, slow very much like Green Island South CoastNSW. Wilkes was bigger with very short rights to closeouts (wrong direction swell)and sideshore. The second day I got the boat out I was not allowed to surf Namoto because there was 15 US longboarders there and I was told the only surf i could have was the Wilkes closeouts.i went onto Namoto and put in a vain protest at the resort but with no result.

As for Cloudbreak,we all know the land rights scam that the US owners have got going there. I am not that naive and I believe you can get good waves in Fiji but beware and ready for expensive boat rides and the wave rights issues that spoil the place.

When I got home Dee Why point was overhead and cranking, by far the best waves I had seen in 2 weeks. I cant help but compare Fiji with indo and Ill never return to Fiji on that basis.

De , 10-02-2003

Camping Fiji??? - Does anyone out there know anything about camping in fiji? Is this possible? Feasable? Are there any fijians or people living in fiji whi would let a poor Australian surfer pitch a tent in their backyard in exchange for work/beer/small $$? Any info would be great. Thank you.

De , 28-01-2003

Surfing in Fiji - I am looking into going to Fiji for about a month, basically January, 04. I have a group of about 6 guys ranging from beginning surfers to intermediate. We would like to find a place with decent shore brakes, stuff you can just paddle into from shore, and basically camping acommadations. Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. -josh miller-

De , 24-01-2003

Info needed - I will be going to Fiji this July. I surf, but I am not great at it. I do, however, want to surf while I am there. Are there any breaks on the south side of the main island that are both mellow and fairly close? I'd appreciate any info. Thanks

De Aussie surfer , 11-01-2003

re want to surf - Check out WaidrokaBay Resort. I had fun there. Prices much more reasonable than the famous resorts near Nadi. It is a bit of a hike (2hrs drive south from Nadi). Has a few diff waves to choose from. Your wife could probably suf and enjoy Serua rights but the rest of the spots are typical south pacific reef. Fast powerful and reasonably shallow.

De , 10-01-2003

want to surf - my wife and I would like to know what we have in store for us in fiji. I have surfed all over costa rica, indo, hawaii, aust, nor cal so cal, mex, etc... I consider my self a well rounded surfer not afraid of bigger days or shallow reef, my wife on the othe hand likes slower smaller spots where can we get both on a shoe string? We can make some sacrofices but need a clean place to stay with our own bathroom. any advice would be great. thanks

De Roots , 20-12-2002

Problems - The capitalist fuckers who run tavarua are attempting to ruin the place. In recent months there have been confrontations between visiting surfers who are staying at "other" resorts and being boated out to the passes. Out at cloudbreak two surf "bouncers" decided that running over two visitors on their jet skis is ok because they own the pass. RIGHT?! Wrong... When the local surfers went to the fiji police and complained, island "bouncers" (police) went over to tava and kicked the pieces of shit out of the country. If you are one of the many that think cloudbreak is the property of tava execs did you know that they claim to own other zones like the reef at naumoto and all the surrounding breaks? This will end, GUARANTEED.. All the other resorts in the area are loosing money because surfers are being forced to stay at tava, at outrageous prices!! Do you think some Kiwi or Aussie bro making standard wages can afford to spend 150+US dollars a day to surf? I hate how money is everything these days, and resentment is growing, especially towards americans, because of these assholes who make us all look bad. Own the ocean do ya. Well, your days are numbered, and I'm gonna be the first to laugh when you fall. As an American I'd like to apologize to the fijians who are loosing money because of this jerk, and to all the surfers who have traveled there and been harrassed. Please remember that whatever nationality you are there are always jerks who will take advantage of the kindness of others.

De , 02-12-2002

email me sick surf spots only - i am going to meet my sister on our families cruising trimaran after the typhoon season, in march then we are going to surf fiji then go to wallis island, samoa and tahiti. i mostly need some spot names and island names for fiji mostly. we can access any island with our boat. i grew up in san diego and surfed the north shore the last two years. so dont be shy with the spots. p.s. if any chics want to crew on the boat for the trip of a lifetime write me back

De rez2k , 15-10-2002

how shallow - Im thinking of stayin at namotu island resort with my girlfriend for about 2 weeks ...i have been surfing for about 5 years in cornwall(uk) france and canaries but have not much experience at all in larger reef breaks with critical take offs...All i wanna know is how shallow is shallow and what else should i be on the look out for
also whats the take off like...??? any info would be great cheers

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