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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Atlas de spots de surf fait par des surfeurs pour les surfeurs
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De Will , 21-07-2004

- By the way Webmaster, I think you are making a big mistake deleting these messages. I'm known as the "Happy Guy" by friends as I'm always smiling etc- anything but an always angry/pissed off individual. Whats happening at Waidroka Bay just sucks and something needs to be done about it. If you'd spoken with the Fijians themselves as I have done maybe you'd agree!

De , 21-07-2004

Anyone been to Fiji recently? - Have you been surfing at Waidroka or anywhere else in Fiji recently and wouldn't mind sharing your experiences with me, eg waves, crowds, environment, morale of Fijian workers, owners etc...
Most importantly, has anybody been out at any of the breaks and been confronted, told to go in as a resort or person has "exclusive" rights to the spot?
If so EMAIL ME! This is for a magazine article. Been to Fiji 3 times and have seen it change a lot, as my previous post said (but it's been deleted due to Waidroka having an ad on this site... now thats bad PR on behalf of the website to leave it on there, aint it!) So yeah you better be quick!! I'd really appreciate it
Thanks and good waves for all

De webmaster , 21-07-2004

censure - we delete messages that contain offensive language,are racist, homophobic, most other 'ists' and/or name names. Otherwise we leave much of the the stuff (positive and negative) to give our vistors the 'picture'. The only caveat to that is that, from personal experience of a couple of different surf-camps (not waidroka); the extreme rantings of one or two pissed-off losers (you know the kind, "never-happy") did not in any way reflect the camp or the owners as I know them. Unhappy people tend to post more than satisfied clients - does that provide a fair 'view'?

De anonymous , 21-07-2004

- i agree censor buster, i had the same problems. the truth must be told about waidroka!

De censor buster , 20-07-2004

can't understand your motives webmaster - what's up with deleting my message webmaster?I tried to post a funny message (TWICE!!!) that would give people a laugh and slow down a bit of the negative hatred spewing out of this site regarding Waidroka and Cloudbreak(as much as I agree with a lot of it) and you give it the flick! Must be something to do with ads for Waidroka on the column opposite - what do you think?

De Ferals United to Combat Kookism and Uncool Persons , 20-07-2004

Thank you, Continental! - I totally support Continental and any other airlines that charge exorbitant fees to fly boards or, even better yet, ban them from their flights! Why? Because that will keep the holiday crowds in Fiji and other South Pacific surf destinations down a bit.

De anonymous , 19-07-2004

censorship sucks - DO NOT GO TO WAIDROKA BAY RESORT!!

De anonymous , 19-07-2004

To Continental employ and other surfers. - Good luck although I am quite convinced Continental will not change their point of view.
We are working on raising money to support this boycott.
From our point of view those airlines declared war against surfing and other board utilizing sports.
We are going to fight back and we need the support of every single surfer out there.

De Bob W. , 18-07-2004

Nagigia Surf Resort - Planning on going here next April. Just want the lowdown on this place if anyone has been here recently.By the way, I work for Continental Airlines and have been trying hard (myself and other surfing employees) to get management to waiver the fees for surfboards. Will keep the BB notified !!

De anonymous , 18-07-2004

Boycott Continental Iberia Delat United and KLM. - Please all surfers listen!!!! We must act, it is getting worst, some airlines even have embargo's on surfboards.

Try to convice any one you can to boycott (stop using) this airlines.


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