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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Atlas de spots de surf fait par des surfeurs pour les surfeurs
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Australia, WA, Perth South

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De Anonymous , 11-11-2012

Sloppy and crowded - Surfed this the other day. Banks aren't even working and there is already 20+ people out here.. will get even worse over summer with all the frothing groms over this joint. Don't bother with it. Much better breaks a short drive away.

De Big'ole , 27-07-2010

The fabulous Mr X - you tweekers look out for my 2pound star sinkers... for 23yrs i been fishin wedgies n I caught my first flipper last weeken...

De Anonymous , 16-07-2010

- Whoever wrote the description for the wedge is hell wrong, the wedge is always packed with locals especially during summer and can be hard to get a wave, in winter it can get massive and its not rare to see pros out, ive seen kim feast out numerous times. For the wedge to be uncrowded it has to be small swell with no wind at all

De jonno , 26-05-2010

- been lidn for 16 years and u little punks wanna come get some, big jonnos me name and kook bashins me game!

De Anonymous , 17-02-2010

BenPlayer NMD - your all kooks. im world champ 2 times most of you cant even forward!

De Anonymous , 09-07-2008

annonymous - whoever posted this spot on here is fukin stupid! its already packed with ppl all the time we dont more! u will have more chance of gettin a better wave further south

De Anonymous , 14-04-2007

pyramids/issues - issues is the otherside rite?
i am down at pyramids almost everyweekend,
is probly the only place i trust goin for a boog.
just wanna know where issues is.

De Boogiedown kids , 02-01-2007

timmy rippin it up - Yeah that picture of Tim McCracken is sikk ey. i surf with him a fair bit. shoulda seen this huge reverse he hit on the same day... just got blown up in the air by the wave... pitty we didnt capture it on the camera ey.

De 'Tallica loving Bodyboarder , 27-07-2006

The wedge and pyramids - Back in the day, before they started dredging pyramids/the cut, there was a decent break at pyramids. Since dredging pyramids the wedge is becoming more crowded and full of metro scum who visit the wedge on their way to margs. You can tell their metro scum because they all ride functions, they're too stupid to put in the extra money for a custom. Oh yeah they also pull on ur wetty or fins to get you off the wave and you can see them swimming around the groyne instead of climbing down the rocks.

Anyways i find wedge to be a great break on moderate to high swell, during winter and summer. Also note to the dude who said we can have the break to ourselves... WE PLAN TO.

De ACADACA , 24-07-2006

Locals - Any Perth surfer in their right mind would continue travelling further south to the real waves. That's the way you Bogans like it and we certainly aren't interested in your waves anyway. I thought Mandurah was South Perth anyway.

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