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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Atlas de spots de surf fait par des surfeurs pour les surfeurs
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 Perth North

Australia, WA

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De Anonymous , 07-06-2011

Gero surf is crap - Theres better surf in Perth than Gero!

De jesse james , 27-02-2007

Gero - i have been a local in gero for all my life.. started surfin about 5 years ago.. and while i have been here.. ITS PRETTY MUCH SHITHOUSE!! why bother comin to gero to surf? all the local surfers either go to backers to have a fun shitty time on a closeout.. bodyboarders find new waves everywhere, main is explosives.. bust off closeout dumpers and backers even.. go to drummonds point or burnies in gero, waves get big and awesome!! Hells Gates reprezent.. peace out boys!

De Anonymous , 25-10-2006

Beware - There is a hollow left fast but short when small just north of gero rivermouth,if the rivermouth is 3ft walk up the bch 30min,tough going but worth it!!! can drive but may not find it 1st time.this wave can get very very good when over 5ft,infact there is barrels there that will leave you feeling very dizzy!! never had a hassle with locals,just the reef,i paddled to the right one day just the s side of the left and was told to f off by one of 2 blokes,the funny thing was he could barely surf the knob!!! dont miss this spot...

De Captain Cook , 21-07-2006

To Chop - Get on your bike and have a look

De chop , 11-07-2006

where the fuk - man where the fuk is all the info on the other spots around geraldton

De Anonymous , 06-07-2006

sweet spots - mate what the hell r u all talking about WA north can get some great surf u just need the right waves if ya dont belive me just go visit jakes when its pumping

De CAMO , 11-06-2006

Keep ya gobs shut - must be sick surfing with heaps more crew!!!

Don't be a bunch of barneys you howlies

De anonymous , 03-01-2006

- yeh ive surfed at mullaz many years now and its always good neva a bad day 1 foot waves wat could go wrong invite sum chiks and ure off yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew

De sirfabogan , 23-03-2005

dongara - any one know any good spots in dongara and how to get dere. goin up on sunday

De Jake Paterson , 16-04-2003

dudes 2 - ok well i thought geraldton was good (well it was) but that was during my trip to Kalbarri, Jakes point is the most underated wave in west oz. The locals can be a bit iffy but. they were nice to me but i have seen crayboats heading striaght for bodyboarders out at the point. my advice is stay away from kalbarri, especialy tourest surfers and body boarders, you may be injured or even killed by locals

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