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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Atlas de spots de surf fait par des surfeurs pour les surfeurs
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De Anonymous , 08-10-2010

- Tassie is an insane place to surf! There are plenty other places the locals keep quiet!

De Anonymous , 25-06-2008

PH......... - wannasurf it would be great 2 extend the area on the west coast of Tassie as it has some gems that should be ridden more often.......

De Anonymous , 27-07-2007

Tassie Rules - If you think tassie surf is samll and incosistent then your dead wrong tassie is the best surf state in aussie we have got shippies might i add the heaviest wave in AUSTRALIA and many more so shut up about it being shit

De Edward , 23-02-2007

hawley - hawley smashes these waves big time

De Anonymous , 16-01-2007

no people - got to love tassie. if you dont mind cold water, terrible weather and lots of rain plus not the best wave quality. atleast there are no crounds. in a large swell i can look out of my window and see a point wave tubing over a 1km away and another 500m closer, i have never seen anyone surfing these breaks.

De Anonymous , 04-09-2006

tassie - hey the best time to is probly in summer for the north and east coast. because of the high's generateing eastly winds

De anonymous , 16-05-2006

- Gringo,
Your typical of the reason I left tassie - small minded ignorant locals. I grew up surfing there and had some great waves but dont flatter yourself there are many epic waves all around the world and travelling round experiencing them is one of lifes great pleasures. I live in Margaret river WA now, which is home to some of the best waves in the world. We have travelling surfers here all the time and it is great. There are plenty of waves to go around and it just adds to the rich tapestry of the surfing lifestyle. This is an overcrowded planet we live in but for the keen surfer there will always be uncrowded epic waves to ride and explore, at least in our life time - so keep your macho localism to youself and grow up, no one wants to hear it.

De , 18-03-2006

best time to surf - hey everyone, i was wondering if anyone knew what the surf conditions in Tassie look like during the summer? Im heading there for 2 weeks through December and into Jan. Any info would be sweet, cheers!

De Hobart forever , 10-04-2005

no kooks - winter in tassie is best. It gets heaps of swell and the water temperature means that kooks are pretty much non existant from April - October. Bring ya 4/3 plus booties and hoody though. Ice cream freeze is something you have to learn to live with. In the cooler months, the crowds (if you can call it that) are very friendly, except at Hobarts points were there are a few 40 year old plus mal riders who think they own the wave, but thtas nothing if youve been to goldy.

De , 07-04-2005

hey i think u forgot - hey awesome site this is what i have been looking for but have u heard of roaring beach or "fishoes" in tassie in australia i've surfed them both but i don't know enough 2 chuck them on the spot lists if u have surfed them would u b able 2 put em on roaring's a top spot gets some nice waves fishoes isn't that good but its fun but its in the derwent so it doesn't crank often but anyway just a bit of info thnx

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