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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Atlas de spots de surf fait par des surfeurs pour les surfeurs
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 Stanwell park

Australia, NSW, Coal Coast

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De Anonymous , 24-02-2007

blow in 5minute pretenders - stanwell has around 3 hours of half decent waves annually the surf is not far from terrible blow in locals are common and a bunch of suss wanna be's but look out for googsy and pez.w they cane it ay yeah themselves

De adam , 27-12-2006

- the other day we were surfin out northern end. there was a sick right bank and it just sucks up so much that u just need to stall a little bit and u get a hallow pit.yeah now its gone with the big swell.but it will get better

De anonymous , 12-11-2006

Stanny - surf was sick. this morning. it was awesome. gotta see some more girls out there though/ there was only like 6 girls out there. come on! the waters not that cold!
glassy, nice atmosphere. NO violence what so ever to that idiot who wrote that comment before. ITS THE BEST PLACE TO LIVE IN THE SOUTH COAST. Stannie Represent

De henry , 04-07-2006

- the othere day we were surfng the sothenend were all the sand had been moved and it was a sik rock slab that sucked up and bowled up but thats gone cz of thebank there now

De anonymous , 09-04-2006

stanwell pride. - stanwell is possibly the best place in the world. great local spirit. fair good surf. natural. and everyone is friendly. for girls, learning to surf can be fairly intimidating when there are guys who are determined to make sure they fail. well. at stawell its not like that at all. it is one of the most calm beaches. some locals are fairly terrortorial but you get that everywhere. for anyone who says this beach is crap, voilent, or just not good. you must be retarded and blind. stanwell pride.

De anonymous , 18-03-2006

gotta be kidding - geez the person who posted the last comment you've got to be kidding. there is never any violence or over heated tempers at stany. there is a great atmosphere and if something hapens we just apologise and laugh it of. nothing serious ever happens.
you obviously dont live here or surf here often. stany is pretty much the best.

De stany=not good , 15-03-2006

Croudedness and locals - ive been surfing stany 4 years and it never used 2 have any crouds on a good day now it can b crappy 1-2ft conditions onshore winds and you get everyman and his dog there. Also i have noticed a new vibe were getting people dropping in on each other and tensions are rising there was an innicedent the other week where a bogger from the train droppin in on a local and he copped a black eye and a fair beating from it stay away from stany for a fair while i suggest. We havnt had a good session in over 4months n when they rarely come its sooooo crouded

De anonymous , 14-03-2006

Love Stanny for LIFE - hey i love in stanny and is pretty much the best place in my opinion that you could grow up. Im a 14 year old girl and learnt to surf with a bunch of my friends wen we were in primary school. Its so great you get out in the line up ona saturday morning and there are often more girls that guys. Its not common to see this seeing the sport is so male dominant but here everyone is encouraged to surf whether your a guy or gal and noone gets payed out for surfing coz we are all just there to have fun in the sun together.....
so any girl out there i encourage you to come and join me and my stanny girls surfing gang we are real hard to miss there is heaps of us and you will never be intimidated by guys coz in most cases we over power them...haha have fun stanny

De nutsac , 21-01-2006

does get good - when the banks r good like any beachie, stannie goes off. is it just me or has anyone noticed the crowd getting a tad bigger since that bridge was finished. went out the other day and it was the most packed ive ever seen it in a couple of years. even the drive in was horrendous.

De pete , 17-01-2006

Just another beach break - Stanwell Park is a great place with a fantastic vibe. I used to visit friends down there for years until they moved away.
Still make a point of hitting it when I can.
The surf is dead set ordinary though. I have had a few good sessions but you could say that about just about any stretch of sand between victoria and agnes waters if you hung there long enough. Probably sik for lid riders as it tends to be a dredgy shore dump most of the time.

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