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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Atlas de spots de surf fait par des surfeurs pour les surfeurs
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Australia, NSW, Central

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De Anonymous , 21-01-2010

cheese grater - went out perfects the other day n my mate caught a 4ft bomb got smashed then got dragged all over the cheese grater had a few cuts thro he's wetty bleedin like crazy all over he's face knees elbows n hands he's slick was sctrached 2 the shit house n some big bruises as well

De Anonymous , 13-11-2009

quiet - good break n so quiet

De Anonymous , 23-11-2008

info to get here - go to cracky lookout then go into the buskwalk and take the first left and make your way down simple

De Anonymous , 03-08-2008

Info @ Perfects - i just paddle from shallows when i go there.
Sharks are aplenty...

De Anonymous , 31-12-2007

Perfect - i own this spot and im from sydney.

De Anonymous , 30-12-2007

- perfects is 100meters south of cracky
its easier to walk from forries because if u walk around from bateau u have to walk across a little bay made of rocks

De Anonymous , 22-10-2007

goor fun - this is a good wave but damn, when its small u practically ride the wave on to the rock good fun thought

De Anonymous , 11-10-2007

good luck - good luck to anyone who doesnt live in the local area..the chances of u finding this break is very small unless u wich to treck round for about 2 hours finding it...thats just to get thier.its a bitch to get home to..if i was u i would leave this spot to the locals to surf & go surf shelly or somet..maddest spot ever if u do find this spot..keep it to yourself & if there is anyone else out show some respect..nothin worse than a blow in showin no respect to locals

De timmy2 , 17-09-2007

timmy - my favorite place in the were else i'd rather be.

De Anonymous , 25-08-2007

Hecitic - I surfed Perfects today 3 ft fucking hectic. The water drains off like all fuking hell.

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