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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Atlas de spots de surf fait par des surfeurs pour les surfeurs
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De jamesie , 20-09-2007

shark - lets clear up all this shark debate, there are no small resident sharks as they've all been fished out, there's only big nomadic white pointers

De Anonymous , 29-06-2006

No Sharks - they have all been over fished and there are none left. It is a shame to see such a great creature fished out like that.

De anonymous , 31-01-2006

Liar - There's not much there and its got a 20kph rip. It's a long, messy, windy beach with a lot of fishermen and little worth surfing.

De , 30-09-2004

Where ? - Sounds great but how reach the spot ?

De anonymous , 05-08-2004

The Great White Dentist - sounds like a load of bull to me ...

1. there aren't any sharks left in taiwan
2. a finless shark probably isn't much of a shark anyway

De anonymous , 03-08-2004

- did you forget something, yes !!! where the hell is it theres no point gloating about the wave if you don't want people to know just don't say anything. One clue would be nice north south? where in Taiwan do get sharks anyway?

De Roger Chen , 16-07-2004

sharky as hell - Yeah the wave gets good sometimes but it is so damn sharky. Taiwanese TV vans have been known to collect stock footage here for slow news days. The line-up is vacant for a very good reason. Sept-Nov is great-white season, so poke-em in the eye!

De Die Gevleulde Silwer Minter , 08-07-2004

Whereyouat ? - Janee, let us know a bit more - Dashi tends to resemble my bathtub during summer.

De anonymous , 01-07-2004

NS EW? - Dude, where is this spot?

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