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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Atlas de spots de surf fait par des surfeurs pour les surfeurs
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De Ross, England , 02-12-2002

Idiots - I am in Thailand trying to work out whether is safe to head to Bali for a surf b. If so how much the local people want surfers there to go about it and because you mindless bunch of over-opiniated sausage jockeys have turned this site into a paint-peeling polytechnic seminar room for those who couldnt get into a proper universities i cant find a single comment relating to the current situation or surfing.

Do something more useful if youve got so much wordly knowledge and give me some info on Bali....

De Gus , 28-11-2002

no title - Icouldn't get the chance to surf Jeffries. I was there for business, I stayed in Richards Bay, which is about 200 kms on north of Durban. Good waves though ! Nice beach breaks, cool weather. Too much sharky though, but I had a real good time. I passed through some townships, my supplier of ganja was living in one of them. Very nice people as far as I am concerned but stincky place. I DON'T HATE ALL AMERICANS, I HATE STUPID ONES, like the author of the post that caused my angryness. Sorry if I did not make my point clear.

De Makana , 28-11-2002

RE: GUS - Gus,I Love SOUTH AFRICA!!! When were you there? Did you surf Outer Koms, Jeffries, or Cave Rock? I got 2 out of 3 at 6ft. (~12ft. faces) good fun but cold! Unfotunately I didnt catch Cave Rock!,go into any Townships? (not to be confused with squatter camps) I visited some friends who lived in one down in the Cape, It was a nice place, alot different than what the news showed us here in the States, (they showed us squatter camps and called them townships)and didnt really give us the whole story, our news was quite bias then (we didnt have Fox News yet) I'm not saying I agreed with Apartheid, Nor do I agree with the killing of innocent people, I believe in the safety of ALL people, Rich and Poor, and if the use of force is required to enforce a law, than so be it. Personally I dont know anyone who hates innocent people, and if you hate us because you think we're all so rich, YOUR a WRONG, IGNORANT, HATEFUL, PREJUDICE person who is guilty of what you accuse us to be. Have fun surfing the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara! ALOHA

De Gus , 27-11-2002

Gus likes diversity - I live in Istanbul, not so far from Irak. These people are so different it certainly creates a distance. But I like the world's diversity and I don't think I am so clever I can say "they are inferior, we are the greatest". This kind of thoughts lead to dramatic situation like Apartheid (I stayed 5 months in South Africa, I know what I am talking about). And I don't think the safety of your rich people is a good reason to bomb innocent poor people.

De Gus the angry Stress-man , 27-11-2002

Gus the Great - Gus is brilliant. Please Gus- move to Iraq, Iran, or Pakistan, where your hatred of Americans will make you many friends.

I'm sure you'll love their company!

De going surfing , 27-11-2002

Shut up - All of you. Stop hijacking this page to spout your irrelevant bullshit. Mega Man, go join the communist party and leave the rest of us to go back to surfing.

De Gus , 27-11-2002

no title - I am pro-peace. Means I am against your mad president willing so much to bomb Irak even without the support of international community. Stop the bullshit, we know it's for petrol. Because if there's a problem in Irak the inspectors are dealing with it. Your real matter is Saudi Arabia. So you need Irak's petrol to attack them right ? Well I like the innocent Irakian people more than innocent Americans. You have everything, they have nothing. I don't think it's necessary to drop some bombs on their face.

Appart from that I hate your arrogance (most open country in the world blabla, stupid dickhead what the fuck do you know about that). But I wouldn't make it a general statement about America. It's just a personal remark.
I don't like you.

De Democracy over Jihad? Is it that hard to decide? , 26-11-2002

Uh oh! The politicizers are still at it! - I can't believe all this politics rant! All you anti-American Leftists sound pretty fascist to me. Go ahead and blame America- the most open country in the world- for the world's woes. Just don't come running to us when the next Hilter or Bin Laden 'convert to Islam or die!' fanatic wants to kill you. You hate us so much- fine. Go ahead and wave your peace sign, in your little myopic Ivory Tower dream. It all came shattering on 11 September, just as it did in Bali. The fight is on- and America did not start it. Whose side are you on, anyway?

De Vet , 23-11-2002

Ghandi's Butt Buddy - Learn your history, you'll learn that your not completely right!! Educational Institutions, and the media don't give you the whole story!!!!!

De Ghandi's surfing buddy , 22-11-2002

The American Empire - History shows all empires eventually rot from within...and the last to realise its happening are their people. Hopefully the American surfers who travel start to realise the world's a bigger place and American foreign policy is all about protecting America's greedy business interests with little regard for humanity. `Business' is a polite word, `exploitation of the third world' is more like it. Kuwait was all about oil not humanitarian concerns. The world is full of disgraceful governments abusing human rights and America rarely gives a shit unless its commercial interests are in peril.

America's might in Vietnam was shat on by a third world army
and that was a relatively conventional war. Unless America can show compassion and understanding in their foreign policy they will be an increasingly soft target for terrorists around the world.

lets gets some respect going all round and keep aggro out of the surf and politics.

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