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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Atlas de spots de surf fait par des surfeurs pour les surfeurs
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 Hong Kong

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De OMBseany , 11-12-2003

no title - cheers for that guys, i found out yesterday its owned by the University of Hong Kong, i dont think there will be any surf down there but i'll check it out anyways.


De anonymous , 04-12-2003

no title - yeah it is a protected area... well, the ocean surrounding the region is a marine park... it's not problem getting into the area if you are walking. I do some work down in the SWIMS centre. Just for backround info., the whale was beached in NW new territories in the 70's during a storm, it died, they gave the whale parts to the vietnamese refugee camp for food.......

De , 04-12-2003

Cape Deguilar - The end of Cape Deguilar is a protected area, I don't think you can go in 'cause you need to have a permit. There is an alarm near the shore of Cape Deguilar.

It's a very nice area but no surf. There is a 'whale' near the Uni research building.

De OMB seany , 03-12-2003

hey - hey i am a bodyboarder, I usually surf with me three mates at Big Wave Bay on the island, we like BWB however we were curious to know if anyone has been to the end of Cape Deguilar to check the the beaches down there or any worth wild breaks, if anyone knows post it here, much appreciated
I'll prbably head down that way anyway so i'll post something soon.

De anonymous , 19-11-2003

To - Try this website:

wholesale manufacturers based in China. Owner is ex-Aussie journalist...Good luck.

De , 18-11-2003

body board production needed - I am looking for a place in China that produces boogie boards. Can any one give this guy a tip on who to contact.

De surf-starved , 17-11-2003

surfboard wanted - Looking for a secondhand 6.7 - 7.0 ft eggshape - anybody out there that wants to sell?

De , 15-11-2003

body board manufacturing - I am looking to have a line of body boards made in China but I need help in locating the manufacturer. Can any one help me. If you know where please leave email att: China contact

De Aloha, , 29-09-2003

Moving to Dapeng, Guangdong - Hi there,
good to hear that there is some surfing out there. I'll be moving to Dapeng for work this Winter for 2-3 years. Is there any surf around Dapeng, and what kind of board should i take with me (i usually surf 5'11 to 6'11, HB and 54th Newport, Southern France are some of my favorite spots.

What should i expect? thanks for the info, looking forward to get some surf.

De anonymous , 29-09-2003

no title - If you want to be sure of surf just stay up in tai long wan sai kung on the beach... you can just camp out there or rent a lil hut for the time... it should catch any swell now, cuz summer swells have been pushed out with the first winter season swell now so yeah... stay up there i recommend if you want the best surf

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