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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Atlas de spots de surf fait par des surfeurs pour les surfeurs
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De pyxoty , 11 juin

ad - I would like to say that this blog really convinced me to do it! Thanks, very good post.
máy lọc nước kangen của nhật

De pelicano , 07-06-2012

Surf "near" Shanghai - "Near" Shanghai (closest place with reasonable waves) is Dongsha (east beach) on Zhujiajian Island to the south near the city of Ningbo (I have posted some photos in the East China Sea section under "Jujiajian" spot (it's correct spelling is actually "Zhujiajian"). The beachbreak handles 1-6ft, anything more and it closes out. Be warned, it is tide dependent and fickle! You also need particular swell generating weather systems. You have to work out what those need to be yourself ;-) No other real options around here either, despite other beaches on map. We checked them on a number of different conditions. The area in general is an expensive over-priced tourist trap which restricts access to most beaches (no cheap accom options on Zhujiajian, either - no camping). You can stay cheaper on Zhoushan Island nearby, but it is a 15 minute drive each way each day and 10 USD for taxi fare each way - they don't like carrying boards, either). Car bridge toll to Zhoushan Island (at the moment) then on to Zhujiajian Island is 35 USD each way. Buses from Shanghai cost 30 USD each way (they travel to Zhoushan Island next to Zhujiajian Island, you can then get a taxi for 10 USD to beach). The other beaches aren't really worth the entry fees. They are blocked by boom gates and staff and check points. Season is between June and October. The waves can and do get punchy. If surfing here pay your respects to Jon. He's been surfing here primarily alone for 16 years! Hopefully, this information is helpful. It is hard for a surfer temporarily stuck in Shanghai. Just remember, the waves are very average and you have to be super keen. Water is brown from all the silt from river systems nearby. Also, it is difficult to travel to if you don't speak Mandarin, some basic language skills are enough though.

De pelicano , 06-06-2012

Surf near Shanghai - The only "real" waves near Shanghai are at Zhujiajian (Dongsha - East Beach). there are other beaches there but they are restricted access, 20 USD to enter. Not worth it, either. Bus or car ride is about 4 hours.

De gordongee , 11-08-2010

shanghai - what is the next proper spot for surfing next to shanghai?

De Mel McManus , 06-11-2008

Is there ever surf @ Dalian? - Maybe re-locating to Dalian for a couple of years. Does anyone know if you get any surf there?

De keeponsurfing , 19-10-2008

Surf in China - Hi surfers!i'm gonna stay in Shanghai for a while to work and i'm looking for surfers to explore the coast and go surfing!!my msn contact is
keepon surfing!!Tommy

De Olga , 09-10-2008

Surf in China - I live in Shanghai and would like to explore some surf spots in China. If you live here too and miss surfing let's go to check it out.

De Anonymous , 03-04-2008

surfing China - Hi Rose
have you some information to go to Zhapo from Zhuhai? Are they a surf report?
the wave is curve or noot?

De Rose , 27-02-2008

Surfing China - Hi,
I went surfing on the weekend at Zhapo, Hailing Island down off the coast of Guangzhou. Still in the Guangdong province. Caught some great right handers. water was a little freezing. But it was uncrowded (low season). NOt epic waves but well worth getting out of the city for the weekend.

De Sam , 16-11-2007

Surf in China - Hi,

I m arrived since one month in china at zhuhai I look to surf could you help me to know the beach near to zhuhai were I can find a surf,.....
thank you

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