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Trip: The Pros and Cons of Attending State University

Written by finestediting show finestediting profile

Wednesday November 27 2019 09:56:45 AM

Date: from Nov 27, 2019 to Nov 27, 2019

Surf trip description:

Attending University is a whole new experience for students. It can be exciting sometimes and sometimes be a hassle. Whether you as a student who liked university experience or not, you still did learn new thing that you are using right now. If you’re a college student, it is better to understand the types of university

·         Public(state) university

·         Community college

·         Private non-profit universities

·         Liberal arts college

·         Profit universities and colleges

These are the primary type of universities and colleges available for you to take admission in, But today our main focus will the Public University. We are going to tell you the pros and cons of attending a large, public university.


What is a public university? The universities which are mostly run on government funds. It is a public sector university in which mainly the residents of the city can get an education at little cost or even no cost at all. Public universities are also called state universities. Public universities are mostly part of the state university system. As the public universities are government-funded the tuition fees is often lower than other universities, but the charges can vary depending on the type of degree. Students from different states may have higher fees than students living in the same state. There a large number of pros and cons of Public Universities, but let’s start with the advantages.



Public universities are the cheapest university, but they still provide quality education. As the government pay for the students, students don’t have to spend any. The admissions rate at most Public universities are mostly high due to this reason.


Open atmosphere

Most public universities have an open free environment. Public universities are always full of people which provide more social opportunities than any other kind of university. Due to the open atmosphere, you will meet new people with different cultures and tradition.


Size of the university

The size of most state universities are quite vast. The universities are filled with almost all kind of sports grounds.


Extracurricular event

As the size of the public university are significant, and the government provides the funded, so there are more extracurricular activities than most universities. The student body is quite large, and everyone can find an event of their interest whether it be sport or be writing. You will find an event matching your interest.


Employment opportunities

As the State Universities are significant, it will always need some people for hiring. It will be a great idea to work there to earn a little cash in the free time. If you are working there, you won’t have to travel to the workplace after the universities class. The salaries are also quite high as the government funds the universities.


Large student body

Size of the student body is often abundant in public universities because of a large number of student studying there. Public universities will usually have more than one student body. The student's body council are quite loyal as they want to see themselves and their university at a new level.



If you are planning to work throughout the time of University time. A public university can be a great option, as public universities have a different class of the same subject. The number of leaves are also more in state universities. University also allows students to leave before time if they give them a written application of job timing.


Trained faculty

The public universities have educated, and experienced faculty as the salaries are high compared with other universities. Faculty of these Universities can sometimes also apply government employ pension when they get old. Hired faculty do know what they are doing as they are hired after an extensive list of test and training.


Variety of courses

Public universities provide students with a variety of courses. These courses can be of different level of difficulty, or some can be dropped. The experience people also design the course and first tests the course and check whether it passes all the state’s educational curriculum.


Jobs after graduation

Almost all Public universities provide different jobs opportunities even before the complement of all the courses.


Freezing facility

State Universities have these fantastic features of freezing semester for some months. You can utilise this if you’re going somewhere for a long duration. Some private universities are also copying this feature but take very high fees to freeze a semester.


Research institutes

Many Public universities have specialised institutes only to research new thing. If you want to do a project, it will be more comfortable as the universities allow its student to study in the research institutes.


Sports scholarship

The public universities provide free admission to the student who are good in sports even if their grades are not that impressive.




Seat availability

Almost all the people taking admission in the universities will try to get admission in the Public Universities. This makes less number of seat available and the merit increase to give the admission to the best candidate.


Information problem

Most State University are hard to get in. If you want to get information related to the university, it got to be very hard.


Professor’s attention

Due to a large number of students are studying in Public universities the amount of the care you get from the professor will be very few. You will need to solve the problems on your own. You won’t be able to talk to the professors after the class as the most professor will have a busy schedule.



Public universities will have a large number of extracurricular activities that he/she won’t have time left for studies. There can be other distraction as well to like political affair holidays, Budget problem etc.


Political problem

As most of the Public universities are government-funded, it makes it easier for political parties to infiltrate the system of the universities. Sometimes the environment of the university may also be disturbed due to it. Some public universities aren’t safe due to this cause. In case if the government decide to lower the university’s budget, the employee might leave due to a reduction in salaries.



With the massive scale of State Universities, the security level is no very good. Many cases of bullying and Kidnapping have been reported inside the Public universities.



Employs of the public universities are often quite rude and won’t help anybody. Some people use their job place to relax and don’t want to be disturbed. Some Universities personal will even give you false information.



Public universities are mostly corrupted to provide admission to non-deserving students and even give exams sheet before the exam to cheat from them.



These are some of the pros and cons of Public universities. Choose wisely, which kind of university you are choosing. This decision will impact all your life as your degree will be used in all places. You will spend your life’s 4-6 year at university. If you don’t know what to do, contact a career consular as he will give you all the option you can apply in future. You have to decide the quick as most of universities admission occurs at the end of the year. Once you leave this window, the next admission window will come after six months. Take care, study hard and be the right person in life.  

Author Bio 

Finest Editing is a fervent blogger with extensive expertise in education, travel, health, lifestyle, career and technology based writing. He is at present an academic consultant for Online Editing Services an organization helping students to find ease and peace of mind with better results. 

Modified: Wednesday November 27 2019 09:56:45 AM
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