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Trip: Ventura Highway

Written by DrC123 show DrC123 profile

Monday September 3 2012 06:34:54 PM

Date: from Nov 30, 1999 to Sep 3, 2012

Surf trip description:

Ventura Highway 


Go to LAX (LA International) to pick up my buddy Robbie Acton, flying in on a fund raising trip for the University of Auckland, NZ via Kansas City. Traffic was heavy and security was tight, they were stopping cars at the entrance.


We had surfed the Gold Coast and NZ together in the Young God's era. He stayed on in NZ and married the prettiest girl in town. I went back to OZ, then on to the States. We both quit surfing for a decade.


Gisborne                    Snapper Rocks         The Young Gods


Early next morning introduced him to the local Seal Beach crew and went out at Ray Bay. Small but clean until the incoming tide killed it. Later that afternoon loaded up the boards on the Solara and began the Ventura Highway safari.


Heading north up PCH past Santa Monica, Sunset, Topanga, Malibu, Zero's, Leo Carrillo, Staircase, County Line to C-Street and Surfers Point Ventura.


Saw a Chevy Tahoe loaded up with boards so pulled in to the Motel Patel by the sea, $40 a night, found out there was a surf contest on for the weekend.




Just after sun-up we rolled into the C-Street parking lot, already filling up, but not too many people out in the water yet, just standing around drinking coffee and watching. Pretty nippy with a brisk offshore making it Chilly Willy! Guys were wearing gloves and hoods but the water was actually not that bad, probably 56F.




Sand and flat rock bottom, dead low tide but nowhere near as nasty as Secos. C-Street or (California St./Surfers Point) is a cross between County Line and Trestles. Better than County Line but not as good as Trestles.


Surf was clean but inconsistent, chest to shoulder high peaks for the longboarders in the middle and chest high low tide walls for the shortboarders off the Point. As we watched, the wave of the day rolled through, head high perfection with the spray blowing back all the way in from the outside point!


Took out my new EPS/Epoxy 9'0” swallow tail Quad Kingfisher using the 2 X 4.6 inch outer fins and a 4 inch center stabilizer. Not as fast as the four fin set-up but looser and still a steady platform for nose riding. Good session, caught a couple of hollow peaks with an inside nose ride. Robbie caught one of the bigger walls riding my 7'2” MR design SuperFish.


QuadMark Richards design


Rincon and the secret lives of proteins


We loaded up the boards with the wetsuits strapped on top to dry and jumped on Highway 101. Checked out Emma Wood, Ventura Overhead, Solimar, Moridos, Farina Colony and Pitas Point. (Nice place to own a couple of million dollar beach shack.)



Robbie & Royale Cafe 101        Pitas Point


Arrived at Rincon around lunch time, first person we saw in the parking lot was one of the Seal Beach crew! Perfect day, bright warm sunshine, not a cloud in the sky. Small but clean knee to waist high lines breaking in the Cove protected by the offshore kelp beds from just a slight sea breeze. Only a handful of people in the water.



Ventura Overhead            Emma Wood                                


Here is where the Kingfisher came into its own. The Cove at Rincon is like a beginners Malibu, easy perfect wave. Take off, stall, watch out for rock boils, run up the nose and stay there for 50 yards or more! Robbie scored one of the few chest high sets to roll through.


Rincon3Rincon, California

The Cove Rincon


Spent the night in Santa Barbara at the Travelers Hostel for $20 a night in a bunk bed beingSpring Break the cheapest flea bag motel wanted $109 per person! Went down State Street to eat at Sharkeez's for “the most fun you can have without getting arrested.” Huge plate of steak and chicken Fajitas with the WORKS plus two for the price of one drinks at Happy Hour in the Bloody Mary Bar ... really good!


Went back to the Hostel threw the wetsuits in the dryer and was talking to a cute thin Marlene Dietrich blond from Germany who had come down the coast in the Surfliner. Probably mid to late twenties with that sexy accent. Anyway she was interested in surfing and OZ/NZ so we were talking and I asked her what she did. What she said floored me! She said she was a Molecular Biologist.


Now there are lots of pretty young girls, lots of sexy girls and lots of cute girls but there are few and far between cute girls with beauty charm and brains! 


Now I understand molecular biology is the study of biology at a molecular level and overlaps biochemistry and genetics. I have read it concerns itself with understanding the interactions between the various systems within a cell including the interactions between DNA and RNA.


So I said exactly what did you do, she replied she had been locked in a lab for 14 hours a day studying the secret lives of proteins .... say what!


"When cells signal - either to another cell, or if they are receiving 
signals- they nearly always use signaling cascades that are much like a wave of molecules to amplify the signal and to initiate other 
signaling pathways. the link to surfing? I'm just a lab rat 
after all :-). A good wave is necessary for signal propagation, just 
as much as you surfers need the wave to do your twists and turns." Natalie Fekete


She had then bought herself a round the world ticket and had visited NZ and OZ was off to Mexico by herself then renting a car and driving cross country to New York.



El Capitan 


Next morning we took off at first light to check out Rincon, small onshore junk. Jumped back in the car and headed up the coast past Goleta to my favorite California surf spot El Capitan. Postcard scenery with a oak trees, squirrels, woodpeckers and a mossy stream. When its working a duplicate of old Kirra, rocket assist required, fast peeling tubes in front of the point but watch out for 200 pound sea lions in the lineup!


No waves so back to Santa Barbara to visit world famous architect Barton Myers.


Now you have heard of the house of straw, the house of sticks and the house of bricks ... how about the house of glass and steel?




"Barton Myers, architect was born in Norfolk, Virginia 6 Nov 1934. Myers graduated from the US naval academy in Annapolis, received his Masters of Architecture degree from the University of Pennsylvania and immigrated to Canada in 1968 to join the faculty of architecture at the University of Toronto. He soon became one of the city's cutting-edge practitioners and educators. He co-founded and was principal of the firm of Diamond and Myers until 1975, then founded Barton Myers Associates with offices in Toronto (1975- 87) and Los Angeles (1984-present).


Myers's architecture is notable for its use of industrial materials, exposed block, steel, glass and industrial fittings.


One of his model homes located in the canyons of Santa Barbara is built in an area prone to wildfires, so it is built out of steel, with rooftop reflecting ponds that keep it cool and can supply thirty thousand gallons of water. Fire shutters pull down over every glass opening, sealing it up tight." 

To be continued ....

Modified: Monday September 3 2012 06:34:54 PM
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