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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Atlas de spots de surf fait par des surfeurs pour les surfeurs
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De andre43 , 6 janv.

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De joinus , 14-02-2011

Hola amigos ! - Hola surfistas, invitados a visitar y participar en nuestro concurso de fotografías.
Se trata de un proyecto para reunir los surfistas de todo el mundo en una exposición de fotografías en Biarritz, Francia.
Más información sobre:

De JMARGENTINO , 28-07-2010

Argentino - Desde los 10 años que surfeo 25 dias todos los años en los veranos,ya tengo 21 años,aprendi a sufear en arg MIRAMAR.
En mimarar se sufera olas no tan grandes pero el 85%de los dias hay surf.
En Uruguay fui a puntadel este jose ignacio y otra mas al norte en 20 dias muy pocas olas,Ademas el surfer argentino es muy buena gente.

De Anonymous , 25-10-2009

distance - Hy folks,

I am heading to Buenos Aires in February and wondered if anybody knows if you need to buy a car to travel to the surf spots (around Mar del Plata)or is public transport also an option?


De Johnny_K , 25-07-2009

- Hey Dude! I live in Buenos Aires too. See, I go to Mar Del Plata for good surfing each time I can. There are two good places I'd recommend you. If you're searching for nice and fast waves go to Punta Mogotes and look for a point called Guillermo. It could also be Mariano too. Its sweet for shortboards...But if youu wanna surf easy, with cool but smallers waves, speciall for hybryds, longs and could work for shorts too, go to Waikiki. The best of that is that both places are quite close, about half a km.
Hope it work for you.
Other thing...First search in pages like cause in MDQ (Mar del Plata) sometimes you'll get 3m tall wavees and some others... less than a meter. The wind and tides changes ver oftenly.

De Leo , 18-10-2008

Surf in Mar del Plata - Hi,

If you wanna surf in Mar del Plata I can recommend you surf spots and a good shaper who can sell you or rent surfing boards (any kind). I live in Buenos Aires and I go to Mar del Plata to surf every 20 days. My name is Leo please email me and I will help about surfing in Mar del Plata

De Anonymous , 23-09-2008

October 08 - I am going to be headed down to Buenos Aires for work in Oct and was wondering if it would be worth it to extend my trip a few days to see if I could get in some surf (Mar del Plata) while all the way down in Argentina. I'm a short board surfer and have been surfing for almost 30 years and can hold my own. I would like to know the possibilities of getting good surf -->(overhead to double overhead barrels) in October. I understand it would still be a gamble and know I may be there at the wrong time.

I was thinking on bringing a board but what is the possibilities of rentals or purchasing a board down there. I normally surf 6'8" tri-fin squash or pin tail range shortboards. Do the surf shops have a good selection of board or stock rack boards where I could find one like I mentioned above?

thanks for any replies

De Anonymous , 20-09-2008

argentina is worth always - dude the argentinian coast could be one of the windiest coasts ever ,we also have very good waves to. and amazing food and women Mar Del Plata is the place to go. cheers

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